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  1. my skill level is in between intermediate and advancedi.trail ride butt do practice and ride trials events. thanks for the input as im looking for a spare bike to have on hand in case my bike has a breakdown and waiting on parts.
  2. looking to buy a 02 beta 250 looks to be in very good shape by pictures.anything i should look out for? and is 2500 out of line us dollars
  3. engine noise growling type noise.if you use screwdriver you can here it through the cases
  4. a friend of mine when his 2015 300 was new his was apart 3 times with this problem before he got a good set of bearings.i run atf in mine every 4 hours i change it
  5. how many of you guys are having crank bearing troubles?my 14 300pro after 100 hours has ate the crank bearing.i change oil after every 4 hours of ride time.i understand that gas gas had problems with a run of bad bearings.and their money problems they just kept using the bearings they had knowing that a certain percentage of them were doomed to fail
  6. is anyone interrested in a set of 10% stiffer than stock fork springs for the 40mm alloy zokes?
  7. i live here in the usa midwest. does anyone here in the states sale or carry the jitsie tire guages?
  8. i thought they were pretty neat and wondered what guys thought.ive been riding the trials bike for over a year butt just last 4 months working on trials skills more than just trail riding it.i can balance more than 10 minutes engine off garage floor.have been as much as 3 minutes no hands.i practice full lock turns and cambers turns every weekend. i did have thoughts that this device would help speed up being able to hop.i also enjoy the challenge of what trials is all about too. thanks for the input
  9. sorry i couldnt get the link to share butt above is the yo tube video.should be able to type it in on youtube and find it
  10. i found an older trials you tube video in spanish.i think the guys name is di frenos? the last 2 minutes of the clip shows them using what they called a trainer.looked to be basically adustable training wheels they used to teach technices such as hopping and rolling backwards in the clip. my question has anyone on here seen or heard of this?
  11. thank you very helpful.i will give them a try after the new year. have a happy holiday season
  12. does anyone have any imput on the dunlop 803 gp tires?
  13. thanks guys,im glad i asked i know to stay with the mich tires
  14. what are your guys thoughts on dunlop vs. michellin trials tires?the reason i ask is that i can get a front a rear dunlop for the cost of a rear michellin.however if the dunlop is not even close to performance of the michellin i will spend the money for the michellin. thanks for any input you have on the subject don
  15. last year bought a 2014 gas gas txt300 pro,wanting to learn trials and proper technices.ive been riding most of my life.i really enjoy the .trials bike.ive learned alot butt have alot to learn also. i hope to gain alot of helpful information on this site thanks don
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