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  1. Is there any insurance companies that I can insure a trials bike without a licence. It’s so I can apply for a log book. Cheers
  2. I've just had a new piston kit n the barrel replated n now all of a sudden it's got a rattle from the clutch which hasn't been touched. Only when the lever is out. Any ideas how to get rid of it
  3. Yes that's the one cheers
  4. It's 328 of 700 built by factory Kev from Buxton. I've been told it was built as a sponsored bike, but not sure
  5. Where can I get 300 30th anniversary graphics from. Ta
  6. I've recently bought a factory 300 upgrading from a beta 250. Totally different bike how it's set up n power wise. Just a quick one tho, are they fitted with the red high compression head insert as standard. Thanks in advance
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