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  1. had a 2002 txt pro 250, ok it was a mint hardly used bike when i got it, i changed the airbox tube, upped the rear spring and played with the forks & it was great, it never missed a beat, the clutch was still the nicest of any trialy i've ridden (several). I've got a 2015 now which cost 3 times as much, is it 3 times better, no way! at my level, theres nothing I can do on my 2015 that I couldn't do on my 2002 great bike (despite what some say) go for it if its tidy
  2. Lincoln, UK. I've made some spacers & played with oil levels now so i'l see how it goes, but thanks
  3. did my 1st trial a few weeks ago too, tbh it is dead relaxed compared to other motorbike sport i've done. my bit of advice would be carefully look at the sections mate, I didn't get off & walk some of them, just looked at other peoples routes & there are flags all over, & its annoying when you lose marks for going through the wrong route!!
  4. Does anyone know what the standard length of the preload spacer is on a 2002/2003 (37mm forks) txt pro 250? just changed oil in my forks, & mine are 45mm spacer + 5mm top hat wondered if they have been cut down ? tried doing a search but for some reason my computer won't 'scroll' on a search? thanks
  5. did it work ok before or have you just got it? make sure the span adjuster on the clutch lever is fully in (fully loose/no contact) & the same with the other adjuster screw on the clutch lever is fully in too (fully loose/no contact) then re-bleed it..
  6. nice 1, yep I've got a gallon mixed. that's good of you, thanks ady
  7. was hoping to try it out at hatcliffe today but have stuff to do.. so i'm just gona do the Lincoln club trial tomro' hopefully i can have a half hour practice in the morning then! i've never watched a trial before, any pointers & basic rules advice would be appreciated. also, how much petrol will i need to take & does anyone know which way the tap is for reserve & on for a 2002 gasgas? did a search but all i could find is stuff saying its got a 100yrd range! Dont want to run out.. ta
  8. thanks for the info will try to find out if hatcliffe is open next weekend & am planning on doing banovallum on 24th do you get any chance of a bit of practice in the morning on a trial or is it straight in?
  9. hi, new to trials, got a gasgas 250, early txt pro.. looking at places to ride in lincolnshire (or north Nottinghamshire) also local clubs, ive heard of banovallum & pegasus, there is also a Lincoln trials club? any recomendations? cheers
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