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  1. Thanks 2stroke4stroke. Would that go for all trials bikes? I assume they're all about the same size? I'm thinking of getting a 250 - 300 cc one. Thanks, pit.
  2. Hi guys. Sorry for resurrecting a four month old thread, but.... I gots to know! (1) Nelly, did you get the Fiat Doblo? If so, how is it working out for you? (2) Clearnorbust, do you have to fit the bike in diagnolly in the Doblo, or is there enough room for it to got straight forward and back? Thanks, Pit
  3. Thanks guys for the warm welcome. Everyone I've talked to in the trials community have been really nice and encouraging. Spen, that's uncanny, guess I'll have to accept that I was fated to take up trials! Either that or change my user name Sirdabalot, Bif. Thanks, I'm looking forward to the learning process, and the fact that it will take my full concentration. Mind you, I only have so much concentration, and its pretty much fully utilised in staring at a blank wall Enrico, I'm from Cork in the south. There is certainly some fantastic terrain down here. There's some particularly nice rocky areas to both the west and east of Cork which I'd love to have a go at in time. Although I'd need to learn a thing or two first. I'm not sure what the story with land access/use is yet, but the clubs here seem to be able to get access to run events frequently enough, so they must have an understanding of sorts with the some land owners. Anyhow, there seems to be solid bike community here, so I'm hoping they'll let me know the good spots to go for a quiet spin, once they get to know me (and sus out that I'm not a nutter who'll ruin it for the rest of them!). They've already let me know of one spot, which I had a look at last weekend. About 30 mins away from me (15 of those navigating single track roads), so it's nice and quiet, apart from a few fishermen, who I'll stay clear of. A nice spot, that I'll be happy with, and that's enought to start. Pit (aka Wellies!)
  4. Yes, I'm wondering this too. I'll be buying a trials bike for the first time soon. The last thing I want to do is buy a stolen one. I assume that since it's an offroad bike without a number plate, that it won't be 'registered', and so I won't get a registration document. What is there to prove that the guy selling it to me is the owner? Sure, if he comes across as Delboy, selling it from the back of his reliant robin, I'd be suspicous, but even if he appears to be genuine, the bike itself could be stolen. After all, the bike I'll be buyting (as a first/learner-droper bike) will probably have passed through a number of hands. Even if the guy I buy it from is honest, the bike itself could have been knicked earlier in the chain of 'owners'. I'm from Ireland by-the-way. I guess I could check the UK sites above to see if it was a bike stolen from the UK and brought into Ireland but I guess I'm more likely to run into a bike stolen closer to home. So are there any tips for spotting a stolen trials bike? Or to spot a genuine one? (I guess if he had the original manual, and other papers... anything else?)
  5. Aku, thank you for posting that. I'm looking at MPV options for transporting a trials bike and your post and picture is very helpful. Could you please (1) say what your bike model is, and (2) whether you had any difficulty getting it in the back (in particular with the clearance between the top of the door and the top of the bars when putting it in)? Thanks!
  6. Hello! Thought I'd better introduce myself before diving in with the questions. I've been looking at this site for the last few weeks and I've already found it to be a great resource, thanks guys! So, I'm interested in getting into trials riding. I haven't got a trials bike yet, but I have found a local club, and have talked to a couple of the members who were very helpful. I'm going to attend their next event at the start of March, before I pull the trigger and buy a bike, but I'm pretty much sold on the idea already. Other info, I'm from Ireland, I'm 34, and I've been riding an on-road motorcycle for the last year and a half. I want to get into trials because it looks like great fun. I've always wanted to do it. I'm looking forward to learning new skills and improving over time. I also think it would be a better direction for my interest in motorcycling. Presently I go for long rides at the weekend and I've noticed that I'm going faster than I did before, overtaking more cars etc. It's also not that interesting riding on tarmac for mile after mile. So, I think it's a good idea to re-direct myself offroad, away from cars, and other road hazards. I also like the outdoors, and I'm looking forward to an open faced helmet and the smells of trees and mud, rather than the roar of the wind buffeting my visor! So, that's a basic introduction to me. All the best, Pit.
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