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  1. Trydan Off Road Centre in partnership with Trials training Wales are holding a junior trial for classes B, C, D and E, four routes Premier, Inter, sportsman/beginners and 16 and 12.5 bikes Entries on the day £15. Start at 11.00 Venue Coedcwm Isaf, Cenarth Ceredigion SA38 9JT For more info Steve Garner 07870904591 steve@trydanoffroad.com
  2. Welcome to the fold, its worth you looking up Poles Wood Trials website and Facebook page, it's a great place to practice and it's open every day.
  3. Are you saying it won't turn over, or just won't start? If it just won't start you're going to need to clean the tank out and the carb. If it's siezed take the plug out and spray some WD40 down the hole, let it soak for a while, it may free up, otherwise you'll have to get the top end off and see what you've got inside.
  4. Did you get a chance to have a look at the Poles Wood site mate?
  5. Hiya, I've just come back to trials after a long break ( racing bikes and cars) I live in Meopham and I've also joined Sidcup club, check this practice ground out in Essex, I'd be happy to go over there with you for a bit of practice some time. http://www.poleswoodtrials.co.uk/ All the best Steve.
  6. Just read the update on Dougie's wheelie attempt and seen he too has a motor on the front wheel, makes Dave Taylors attempt even more commendable
  7. I know he had something like a YZ250 with footrests moved up, the XT may have done too.
  8. Just returning from an 11 year break, bought a 2012 Sherco 290, rode it at the weekend and loved it (no slow throttle or flywheel weight)
  9. The fact Dave did it on an XT500 is a feat in itself, I was fortunate enough to be a friend of Dave and he was years ahead of his time in his achiievements, only Doug Demokos bettered Daves distance, but he used a motor on the front wheel to keep it spinning, as this acted like a gyroscope and helped him balance.
  10. Fitted new inlet rubber, piece of cake with new rubber, the old one had set hard with the carb scewiff☺
  11. Cheers for your response, I've ordered a new rubber already, so I'll give it a go when it arrives.
  12. Hi, I've just bought a 2012 290 and straight away found the Keihin carb was lopsided in the inlet rubber, I removed it to clean the carb and when I've come to reassemble I'm finding the carb impossible to get back in the mouth of the inlet rubber at anywhere near the right angle. The float bowl doesn't seem to have enough clearance with the top of the crankcase and I've even removed the exhaust to help line things up. I'll probably buy a new rubber, but just wanted to know if this is normally as big a pain as this, surely cleaning the carb should be a straight forward job on a trials bike! Cheers in advance. Steve.
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