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  1. Thanks for the advice. I'll try Paul Dawkins and see how we fair!
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to register my TY. I've contacted Yamaha, they cannot provide any details as the factory records no longer exist. They have suggested contacting an owners club to obtain age verification? I have emailed DVLA with details downloaded from web sites, to confirm age ranges, these are not acceptable to them as proof of age Does anyone have any ideas how I can get proof of age?
  3. Looks fantastic, I tried to pm you, but didn't, seem to work?
  4. Hi All, I've looked over previous threads and would be grateful for your thoughts. I brought a project and have,hopefully, sorted the engine and now looking at putting it all together. I know I'm not going to be an expert rider by doing so, but I love the Majesty look. Is it worth trying to get a D frame altered? Without waiting for Telford, does anyone know who undertakes such work?
  5. Thanks all for the info. Its been suggested it could have a build up around a restrictor on the front pipe? I'll try to decoke it again, any suggestions other than Caustic Soda. Does anyone have any suggestions on a replacement exhaust system or who may be able to remove the restrictor, I'm in Essex. Many thanks
  6. I’ve cleaned out the silencer and exhaust with caustic soda. It was running with an oily gunk. This seemed to clear the smoke a little, but not eliminate it. The bike was running fine at this time. As the smoke began to return the bike started to run “flat”. The bike had stood for a while so, I hoped it would clear, but it hasn’t. Its running on 50-1 on a Putoline Synthetic oil.
  7. I've just acquired a 240, which appears to need new crankcase seals. I'm a bit daunted at the prospect, without heading off to Yorkshire, does anyone know a suitable workshop in the South East who may be able to help?
  8. Hi, I'm a bit late on this one, anything left? I'm still looking to sort mine out.
  9. Thanks for all the help, the tip about welding a nut worked to get the flywheel off, it snap a high tensile M12 bolt in the process! I'm going to pull it apart and see whats what.
  10. The whole thing is rough. I had it running, but the bottom was noisy with a tuneful piston slap. The gears were stiff to enaage and jumped out of 2nd. When I started to take it apart I found the flywheel thread was stripped. Even with a Snap On pulley/slide hammer its not moving, I've been soaking the thread/keyway for days without any joy. I havent used excess heat as I'm trying to retain the flywheel, but it may need some serious heat. What I'll find beyond that is anyones guess.
  11. Yes I'm in the UK, the DK ones seem the early type. I think the answer is going to be find a complete bike and continue the search!
  12. I made a big, and looking expensive, mistake of buying a none running "project" the engine is basically scrap. Does anyone know of a good source for a replacement? Any help greatly received.
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