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  1. I mounted an aftermarket condenser (I think it was for a 1967 Ford Mustang) under the fuel tank and installed an Iridium spark plug on both of my 247 Cotas and my spark is much better. Tony p Monroe, NC USA
  2. Sorry if my question was a bother, did not mean to offend you, I will not ask questions again! Maybe I should have said following your suggestion!, I downloaded the manual, but was still looking for a little insight! But, no fear, I got it all fixed up now and I promise not to ask any more questions! Tony p
  3. jonny, I have that manual, it basically says to drain oil, remove cover, and replace seals... But, is the nut that holds the impeller left or right threaded? I do not want to damage anything , and was hoping for someone with experience to give a few tips. I ordered the parts from Dennis at Overland Trail, but he said he had never rebuilt the water pump on a 315r. Thanks, Tony p
  4. Hello All from the USA. I bought a nice 2002 315r that I love dearly. I have a bit of coolant leaking from the weep hole. I have bought a new gasket, copper washer, oil seal, and water seal. I have tried to search the forum for some instruction, but no luck. I guess I am not searching properly. Could someone please offer a step by step guide or point me in the right direction? Thanks, Tony P Monroe, NC USA
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