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  1. Holland still on then looks like we are going Dutch
  2. Has the Dutch round been cancelled ? I can't seem to find any info anywhere. Me and a mate were planning on going.
  3. My wife has left me due to my apparent obsession with flowers. I said to her " Where did this stem from, petal? "
  4. My kids threw up after I told them I'd put Ginger in the curry. They loved that cat.
  5. Statistics show that 65% of scouse men have had made love in the shower... the other 35% haven't been to prison yet.
  6. I was in Glasgow last week and I passed a sign that said ''battered women's centre'' Those people will deep fry anything.
  7. Apparently, photons have mass... I didn't even know they were Catholic.
  8. Italian round 1st lets see how Toby does this time.
  9. Burnt my Hawaiian pizza last night... Should've put it on aloha setting.
  10. I was visited by the ghost of a stripper last night - She scared me stiff !
  11. Grattarola staying too, wonder how it unravels next year
  12. A bloke walks into a bar with a salmon under his arm. He says to the barman "Do you serve fish cakes in here"? The barman replies "No, we dont" The bloke says "That's a shame, it's his birthday today" Ba dum tish I'll get me coat
  13. Y G O L O H C Y S P: That's reverse psychology for you
  14. normy

    Bultaco 199A info

    Thanks bullylover Frame and engine numbers match so that's a good sign. We thought blue but weren't sure. Its not in bad nick really, a bit of restoration, its a cracking bike. My brother rode it all day Saturday and loved it. Cheers Norm
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