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  1. Hi guys, I have a problem with my beta 300 4t 2011 and just wondered if anyone had experienced something like this before. When I flick up a gear the gear shifter doesn't return back to its position. I can give it a gentle tap with my foot and it goes back down and then I can flick it up again to move up another gear but each time I have to manually tap it back down. Moving down gears is fine, it functions as it should. I don't know if there is some kind of spring inside which could have broken. I think I would have no problem taking a gearbox to pieces to inspect but I seriously doubt I could put it back together again! Haha. Anyone have an idea what the problem is and how complicated it would be to fix, before I attempt an inspection. Cheers for any help. Oh and also one more thing, after buying the bike I noticed that the clutch slips a bit in 4th and 5th. Any idea what that could be? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the info guys. Lots of good ideas. I have since bought an evo 300 4t. And il order the seat tank plus the hebo fork tank so that's my fuel worries over. Riffraff, I also have a 315 so il check the evo seat to see if it's atall compatible tho the problem is that I won't be back in the UK for a few months
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yeah that's kind of what I figured. I think my bodged up solution of string and duct tape wouldn't look so good. I'm thinking maybe to get an evo 300 4t, I've read their really nice to ride
  4. Hi. Does anyone know if the stator on a beta evo 300 4t 2011 is capable of powering full bike lights, - headlight, brake light, indicators,etc for a night time mot? If not, is it possible to increase the size of it or is that just asking for trouble? I'm sure I could manage with just a day time mot, it's just it would be nice to not have to worry about night time driving, esp in winter when days are so short. Also for insurance, I know carol nash do trials insurance but is that just cover for competitions or for any time I wanna go out for a play ☺ Thanks for any help
  5. Hi. I'm looking to expand my 4rt fuel tank as much as possible as I have to ride long distances to get to decent riding spots and I enjoy a bit of trail riding too. I know there is a 4rt long ride seat which holds an extra 2 litres but the beta seat holds an extra 4 litres and if I combine that with a hebo fork tank then my fuel problem is sorted! However I don't know if the beta seat would be atall compatible. Could I make it fit...somehow? Thanks for any help ?
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