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  1. Yeah only one lap. This decision was taken because more and more people were changing to one lap instead of two. It will be better for the observers who will be on the zones for a shorter time. Don't worry there will still be plenty of sections for everybody !! See you in July
  2. Here's a video made by a friend of mine when he came to watch me ride. Enjoy!
  3. The club ATC Saint Christophe ( not Sardent) Is the club that organises the 4 Day trial at Sardent. This is my Club. If you want to come along and ride with us then you can PM me your mobile number and i'll add it into my group of numbers to text when I organise rides.
  4. As far as I know there are 3 different clubs in the Limousin region of France. Which department are you in? Then I can direct you to the right people...
  5. http://imaginate.red...eos/riding_film Sorry only the link as I couldn't find out how to embed it... Enjoy!!
  6. Nowhere... I've tried in England, France and Spain and have found nothing...
  7. He needs to hit his front wheel into the rock. In the video it barely even touches wich is not a problem on that step because the rear wheel just rides straight up. If there was even a little bit of negative on the bottom his rear wheel would have been caught up. But if he hits his front wheel into the rock the suspension will compress and with a second blip of the throttle (or clutch) the suspension will decompress and place the front and back wheel onto the rock.
  8. I set the valve clearances to the minimum specs in the manual and have no more tapping! Problem solved. Cheers Jamie
  9. Yeah I made sure I was definatly on TDC ( finger in the spark plug hole and feeling for air blowing) (and a screwdriver in the spark plug hole to make sure the piston was all the way up) and then made sure that the rockers had "play" in them before setting the gaps....
  10. I'm thinking worn rockers..... Only way is to open up the head and get mesuring....
  11. Yeah i definatly put it in the right way. Seal on the. Bottom and the spring in with a bit of grease!
  12. Thought of the cam chain but I took of the adjuster and put it back on checking how far it went out. It didn't turn very far so the chain is fine. Just changed the oil and filter, I put the new filter in the same way as the old one... otherwise it's round so it can't be wrong if it's not upside down?
  13. http://youtu.be/_RysKs72GKk Here's a video of it
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