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  1. Thanks @fourex That’s what I’ve just started to do. I’m a bit concerned about keeping it square - but I’ll see how I get on 🙂
  2. I have bought a pair of Betor Gas Aluminum Trial shocks and found the bush a little too wide to fit in my frame. The bush feels like it’s in a spherical bearing so I’m not sure if they press out? I emailed Betor and I’m not sure they knew what I was asking…. It needs to be just 2mm narrower - so I could grind it down in situ, but if it comes out I’d prefer to do that. Stephen
  3. That looks fantastic. Would you share a picture when it's on?
  4. Could anyone take a measurement from a pair of Apico trials footrests please? I want to know what size bracket they fit into? So ideally in the internal width of the bracket and if possible the bolt hole centre the inside back of the bracket? Stephen
  5. Oh it's let me do it - but I'd soon use up 24mb..
  6. Alas photobucket has disabled hosting my pictures ? I post from an iPad so can't resize the pictures to upload on the site. Any suggestions folks?
  7. Interestingly the whole bike is well done - the frame and engine have clearly had a lot of work. Ive just popped the timing cover off and found this :
  8. It seems holtworks will modify their tanks for different bikes. I fancy one for my Bantam - and I think so prefer the cub shape, but it's very hard to tell what they would sit like on the new frame.
  9. Sorry ! I missed that ! The chap I bought it off didn't have any history to share - it's a shame as I'm sure there is a tale to tell. Stephen
  10. Thank you for the replies - all the Montesa forks I'd seen have the sprindle forwards of the forks. What MZ model would they be? I can't think of any I've seen that don't have cast in mudguard mounts - and these didn't seem to look like anything had been machined off? Though it could have been and just finished well. The whole bike has had a lot of time and effort spent on it I think.
  11. I have just bought my first trials bike and it's a Bantam. I wondered if anyone could help identify the forks it has fitted? It has billet yokes and the forks look a bit like the REH ones - except they have a bracket for the hub stay(?) and have an external nut on the spindle rather than the internal type thing on the REH ones. Any pointers more than welcome! Anyone recognise them?
  12. What a great site this is ! I've just bought my first trials bike - and its what seems a quite well sorted Bantam. Its going to take some getting used to... as I am a complete novice ! I had a little ride around last night, and my novice status would have been completely apparent ? It's such a different riding position - such high bars and the pegs so far back - it's going to take some getting used to. It felt like the steering is largely done through weighting the legs - and the thing is bigger and heavier than I'd realised. Great fun though ! I only have a tiny space I can practice in at home - a small gravel area outside my garage, where I can practice turning and a very small square of woodland where I can do the same. The woodland is flat firm ground and has no obstacles, except one big tree stump that seems a bit intimidating right now. I've ridden road bikes, spent a lot of time on the fells on mountain bikes, and driven old land rovers off road for a long time - but never done off road on a motorbike for some reason. Always fancied it though. The Bantam doesn't have a V5, but with there being good green lanes within striking distance - I'm keen to get it road registered so I can put some practice in on them. There is also https://www.inchperfecttrials.co.uk/ not that far away - so I'll book myself in there when I can. Stephen
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