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  1. I'm just on the border of Berks, Wilts & Hants. Most everything is about an hour away, although I have not heard about experience days. I'll have to look something up. Cheers
  2. Sorry for the hijack. I'm on that journey (with no mates), been along as a spectator and said hello, very friendly bunch. Originally thought I would be interested in classic or twin shock, but it looks like there are more modern trials near me, so that's were I'll start. Now I'm looking for the right bike....
  3. w-w

    4RT seat

    Does the 4rt still come with a seat, or do they assume you would buy a 4ride if you needed to sit down. The only seats you see for sale are 400 quid from Spain.
  4. It's interesting that most if not all of the posts I read recommend the Beta 200 for beginners, however there are so few on the market. Is this because they a so great that people keep them or that they just aren't being bought new.
  5. That's interesting, so an Endurance II (or the like) would actually be the only other thing required, as long as it is within daylight hours. I like the positive spin on Brexit dought the paper pushers will make any changes tho. Although I imagine the first changes would be back to bendy bananas.
  6. I'm totally in agreement that it depends on the tester, I have a 63 camper that doesn't need seat belts, reflectors and a whole heap of other modern trickery. But some garages expect it to be the same test as the new series 5 bmw they have just tested. But my question is after the MOT, what is needed to be legally riden on the road. As I believe this to be different. Also as an aside will 2017 bikes require side reflector when it come to mot time. As the age of a vehicle also changes what is tested.
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