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  1. Interesting. The trials events (2 of them) here in PA are typical PA trails, rocks, roots, some mud, etc. I would not expect a lot of pinch flats (unlike on my enduro bike) due to the usually low speeds.
  2. photos of gopro under visor on enduro helmet (www.flickr.com/photos/the_old_curmudgeon/albums/72157651352327753)
  3. I'm new to trials. I need a new tube for my front wheel. On my enduro bikes, I run Heavy Duty. What do most folks run on trials bikes? my guess is that since everything on a trials bike is light, that folks don't use the heavier tubes. Is this right?
  4. I took a course from Graham Jarvis, and he mounts his GoPro under the visor. I've been using that mounting point for my enduro riding and it works well. I can post a photo of the mount if you'd like
  5. For sure, I really meant "far less easily breakable than the fixed stock ones" which I snapped off Sunday
  6. I have recently bought an 06 Rev3, took it to my first trials event, and dropped it. No big deal, but broke off the front brake lever. I will order a stock replacement, but I like to carry spares. Are there folding brake and clutch levers? I tried googling and am not having any luck finding something that fits and folds. Or any other technology that keeps rocks and trees from breaking levers?
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