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  1. At last your on line, now you can do your own replies JW
  2. your best bet is to take some pictures of the bike without the tank on as it is alot easier to identify the frame around the gussett area! look forward to seeing some pictures JW
  3. i would guess the other guys have answered your questions, but if not I will see if we can help, the oldmans memory isn't that good! but hes still going and still making a few bikes!
  4. Please can anyone help? I'm trying to find a copy of the 1st BBC "junior" kick start which we had and some how managed to tape over a very long time ago!! I have never been allowed to forget that, the BBC say it is not avalible from them so I just thought I'd ask on here. Thanks for any help
  5. I thought someone may like to see this picture of a whitehawk mk 2 that we found while looking for pictures of the earlier mk 1!
  6. hamblefield

    325 Or 340?

    Mick made swinging arms for comerfords about 30 he thinks!
  7. hamblefield

    325 Or 340?

    I might be able to find out what conversion Mick Whitlock did to the bikes for you when I see him tomorrow,(He's my dad) still making trials bikes but not whitehawks any more! I'll see what I can find out for you!
  8. the picture from the brochure you have is actually the mk 3. the mk 2 had a separte tank and seat comb! i only know this as it was my father who made the whitehawk bikes yes "Mick" he is still making trials bikes but alas not whitehawks, if you need any info we may be able to help you JW
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