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  1. Long ago (!) when aerosol cans were being used, the colour was Ford Silver Fox.
  2. HAM2 "the cheque is in the post". Scotland actually extends south and east of Glasgow too, don'tcha know!.
  3. Well, I bought a Haldex hydraulic pump plus a few other related bits from Nebraska USA for
  4. Thanks again guys. Having done the arithmetic, even if you're only approximately right there is a big saving to be made. Perce, I'll have a nice clean young sheep and a pair of wellies waiting for you in the shed when you pass this way at the Scottish.
  5. Yeah, it isn't that I object to paying any import duty due, just that I have'nt a clue how much it could be and I don't want to order from USA and be landed with some huge customs bill. The pump is
  6. I realise this isn't strictly bike related so apologies in advance. I can buy a small hydraulic pump (to build a logsplitter) from Nebraska at about a third of the price for the same item in Glasgow, Scotland. Shipping from Nebraska is $36 but I wonder if there will be any import duty or taxes on this, other than VAT. Can anyone shed any light on this please?.
  7. Two of my lads turned up for the Brian Barnsley Memorial trial run by the Hamilton Motorcycle Club at Te Kauwhata last Sunday. They paid their fees, hired a 1965 Bultaco and had a terrific time in a super friendly atmosphere. They say that it sounded as though half of Yorkshire was there, judging from the accents. They send their thanks to all the guys they met. Here are a couple of their photos.
  8. What was yesterdays date again????!!!.
  9. Possibly the choke lever on the bars, maybe a different carb from standard?.
  10. By coincidence (!) there's one on ebay right now.
  11. Yep, you're right PeterB, spelling and geography were never my strong points at school!. Thanks.
  12. TooFastTim, Many thanks, I'll get no.2 son in Raparoa to contact you later on, he's away from home catching possums at the mo.
  13. Thanks for all that, I came across scanmyphotos.co.uk which might be cost effective for my 300 or so slides at
  14. Thanks for that guys, sounds like a good time is had by all!.
  15. Hi, My son is heading off soon for a 2 month working holiday in NZ. He'll be based with family near Raparoa, is there any trials action within reasonble distance?.
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