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  1. dont atempt to adjust timming.leave it alone.
  2. it started life as a cb100.so look at ebc brakes,and check for your self.when changed use mobile 1 full synthetic oil,changing every few trials.helps to stop horrible noise and feel when hot.
  3. sounds like the camshaft is worn on the ends so its rattling around.this happeneds when oil not change very often.it also wrecks the head.
  4. looks like a honda sl 125 to me.
  5. as long as its the 124 barrel,its bored out to suit.liner is very thin when bored.if its 122 barrel its too thin.
  6. max1956bikes

    Ty 80 spark

    12 thou.but points must be perfect condition,try new first.
  7. nowt wrong with older bikes,perfect for starting out on.ive allways had older bikes,and enjoyed myself.
  8. vw transporter mines done 320000.still looks good goes very well.nice to drive.
  9. to see what is needed for mot check out the vosa web site.
  10. yes a bit powerfull.250 should be top of your list.start with a cheap bike see how you get on,2 stroke would be best easyier to ride.its all down to rider.i saw many years ago mick andrews win a trial on a honda 50 1 mark lost.i rode same trial on a 250 and lost over one hundred marks.
  11. blimey.i would not want to decide on this one.you cannot win,either way.
  12. heat up alloy hub with blow lamp.how did you get spacers out without taking bearings out?
  13. polish the points must be perfectly clean.set at 12 thou.
  14. max1956bikes

    tl125 project

    yes miller frame.was chromed when new.also miller front mudgaurd stay.i bet it has allready got 150 kit fitted.
  15. wd40 works well,i use it all the time.
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