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  1. Yeah that's right, quite a loose fit for trials pants. Loads of room in the knees.
  2. markieboi

    Tr280i Gear Oil

    Only had my bike a week but I'm wanting to drop the gear oil and was wondering what is the amount of gear oil in the TR280i and is it ok to use ATFQ or is there a recommended oil? Bike is 2011. Cheers
  3. Hi guys as title says really, looking to buy a 2011 280i and was wondering if there's anything I need to look out for specifically other than the normal stuff. Really need the help as I'm tossed up between the Ossa and a late gold frame Raga, so peoples opinions on that too would be welcome. Cheers in advance fella's.
  4. What's the point in getting a 290 and taming it down, just buy a 250. Simples
  5. No one likes a show off.
  6. Im from Bishop Auckland mate, there's a few places round here to ride. You'd probably be ok with that cabby mate, just be aware theyre snappy bottom end and you need to be on the ball with your clutch control. Your best bet is just to go through and have a go of it.
  7. He had a few in last time I was through. Not a massive set up but a canny bloke. Sorry mate I thought you were wanting this as your first bike.
  8. That's in Eddies at Sedgefield ain't it? Nice, but I'd say a bit of a handful for a first bike mate.
  9. Cheers guy's, Dave thats spot on, thanks mate
  10. markieboi

    After a gasser

    Hi guys, I've just sold my Rev 3 and I'm in the market for a 04/05/06 TXT Pro 280 or 300. Is there anything in particular I'll need to look out for in these models and also how do you tell they're the actual year there advertised. As i know people do try to pass they're bikes off as a year or two younger than they actually are. Thanks in advance
  11. markieboi

    US Marines

    Why thank you kind sir
  12. markieboi

    US Marines

    I was there when that happened, it was 40 Regt Royal Artillery at Az Zubyr Port on Op Telic 2. Top class.
  13. markieboi

    Raga reps

    Excellent, thanks for the quick reply's fellas. I must admit I was under the impression it was 05 but wasn't 100%.
  14. markieboi

    Raga reps

    Hi guys, Just a real quick one, in what year did gas gas first start producing Raga reps? Cheers in advance.
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