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  1. Hi Woody Confirmation came back today that my vehicle has been made secure, and to proceed with the registration allowing 48 hours for the details to be available to the DVLA. 6 working days turnaround is excellent for a government department considering all the staff reductions. So well done to HMRC. Can now ride it in the Perce Simon and the Downland.
  2. Life does not get easy these days. Same is happening to me. Scenario 1980 Sherpa needs NOVA approval before V5 and age related plate issued. Sent dating certificate, photo copy from Comerfords ledger showing date of import and to whom the bike was sold. Thank you Dave Renham. Just have to wait, once HMRC agree it was legitimately imported and taxes paid in 1980 then I am good to go! The NOVA dept appears overwhelmed but perseverance got me through to an employee who was very helpful. However I suspect that without definitive proof of taxes paid I may have to cough up :-( Martin
  3. Hi I have used a B6HS without any problems for the past two years on my 1969 247, both on points and Electrex world ignition systems. Regards Martin
  4. triple_x

    Cota 247 - 1969

    Hi Bultaco UK have just taken delivery of a small batch 247 Mk1 and the first Mk11 (small hub, extra flywheel) straight through silencers. Got it today al looks the business, but might need to make a bit of clearance around the petcock. Hammer in or cut, weld and plate. I had to completly rebuild and repack my original and whilst it is ok the original steel casing is a bit too thin in places and about to fail, looking forward to trying the new silencer out. I have been using the Elextrex World Mont 348 ignition for a year now without issue. The 348 flywheel is heavier than the 247, so earlier this year skimmed the face material off the flywheel until it matched the weight of the original 247. Bit more zip, nice. Personally I cannot fault their kit I have fitted 3 now (2 to my Sherpas, 1 to the Mont) ultra reliable. Regards Martin
  5. triple_x

    Motak Sherpa 280

    Hi The yokes are parrallel to the stem. I made a jig, located the two yokes on 35mm pins one above the other split the difference on the front to back original bores and bored out to 34mm. Whilst on the jig skimmed the faces to 90 deg to the bores, then mounted them on an expanding mandrel and turned a recess 3mm deep to stop the new stepped bushes/inserts from moving. Then just reassemble. In my opinion it works fine and turns tight without washing out. Counter to this it can be lively over rocks but note unduley so, just like a modern bike. The mudguard does not hit the frame or exhaust due to the Magical spring never bottoming out. Even if they did there is still clearance. Hope this helps. Martin
  6. triple_x

    Motak Sherpa 280

    Hi Well spotted! Exactly my point. Consumables. Tyres Shocks Fork springs Rims and spokes All replaced. But original are the Frame swinging arm All castings, motor gearbox, clutch internals, hubs, brakes, spindles, airfilter Forks apart from springs (not hiding Bultaco internals in AJS forks) and re machined yokes Tank in is original (not in this image) see my original post in Non standard looking sherpa. Upgrades Mikuni, well, this was a known upgrade in the 60's Electronic ignition So what I am saying is that this bike is more (has more original parts) than a lot of pre 65's and the only mods are to make it cope with modern sections. It is just a coincidence that I managed to resurect it at Easter. Kind regards Martin
  7. triple_x

    Motak Sherpa 280

    Hi Tell me what is structurally not orginal!, apart from the consumable items like replacement shocks and white paint (I never did like the overall blue look). Certainly more original than a lot of the pre 65's. Martin
  8. triple_x

    Motak Sherpa 280

    Hi I agree with Woody. I have been riding a 1969 Sherpa for the past 4 seasons along with a 69 Montesa 247. The substance of bikes is original apart from Magical suspension reworked original yokes, relocated footrests and electronic ignition. Apart from the ignition I was doing the same structural mods in the late sixties and early seventies. It challenges me to see what are so called pre 65 bikes that are ground up modern clones treated as though they well cared for historical relics. But I take the view we all get our kicks in different ways so live and let live, we need the sport to flourish. Where i do get confused is when a so called twinshock appears in a national series when plainly none of the parts were made or available back then. Hey Ho. Regards Martin
  9. Distance between spindles is 1305mm. Rear adjustment at zero (front of slot). Std is 1315mm
  10. Hi Rather than cut the frame I got the Yokes over bored, sleeved so that they were parallel to the head. I will then cut the handlebar clamps off machine and weld approx. 6 mm ahead of the stem centre line (I did this on my 69 Sherpa). I find this puts more weight over front wheel and gives better feel. Last night just fitted the Magical fork springs, preload adjusters and rear shocks (350mm long). Have used magicals since they came out and find they give a plush feel to the bike and do not bottom out, leaving plenty of clearance on the exhaust pipe. I am not a very good rider but I just like things to be right. Will post another picture after Easter and measure wheel base. Regards Martin
  11. I use Amazon. Quick delivery cheap prices. Martin
  12. RETURN FROM THE DEAD!! After nearly 3 years inactivity my 198a is up and running. What stared as a box of bits has had a gound up rebuild, Every bearing on the chassis and engine replaced New Mikuni Elextrex world ignition Plastic tank lined with Slosh epoxy to stop petrol vapour bleed through and then resprayed 199a Airfilter Rebore Powder coated frame. Brakes overbored and steel lined New rims and st/St spokes Brake plates polished on the pivot bearing over bored and lined Banana back box not the american (clubfoot)travesty that stifles sound and performance I could go on, but the reward was starting second kick :-) then just need to change pilot to 35 and raise the needle one notch and she is sweet. Final stage to MOT and Road register and take her out on one of the Sammy Miller rounds later in the year. At least she is not another broken wreck on eBay. Regards Martin
  13. triple_x

    669 Nho

    I think you have the answer. Riding at that level it must be common place to have two virtually identical bikes. I even heard of works riders taking Reynolds tube over to Spain to get a light weight frame made. One of my old mates bought EAA66D (i think) from S M and it was a totally different spec and feel to the standard bike. Interesting isnt it! Martin
  14. triple_x

    669 Nho

    Be interesting if the engine and frame numbers were the same on both bikes. Martin
  15. triple_x

    669 Nho

    Can some one please confirm if this bike is in the Sammy Miller Museum or privately owned in the West Country. Confused in Bristol Kind regards Martin
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