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  1. Long ago (!) when aerosol cans were being used, the colour was Ford Silver Fox.
  2. HAM2 "the cheque is in the post". Scotland actually extends south and east of Glasgow too, don'tcha know!.
  3. Well, I bought a Haldex hydraulic pump plus a few other related bits from Nebraska USA for
  4. Thanks again guys. Having done the arithmetic, even if you're only approximately right there is a big saving to be made. Perce, I'll have a nice clean young sheep and a pair of wellies waiting for you in the shed when you pass this way at the Scottish.
  5. Yeah, it isn't that I object to paying any import duty due, just that I have'nt a clue how much it could be and I don't want to order from USA and be landed with some huge customs bill. The pump is
  6. I realise this isn't strictly bike related so apologies in advance. I can buy a small hydraulic pump (to build a logsplitter) from Nebraska at about a third of the price for the same item in Glasgow, Scotland. Shipping from Nebraska is $36 but I wonder if there will be any import duty or taxes on this, other than VAT. Can anyone shed any light on this please?.
  7. Two of my lads turned up for the Brian Barnsley Memorial trial run by the Hamilton Motorcycle Club at Te Kauwhata last Sunday. They paid their fees, hired a 1965 Bultaco and had a terrific time in a super friendly atmosphere. They say that it sounded as though half of Yorkshire was there, judging from the accents. They send their thanks to all the guys they met. Here are a couple of their photos.
  8. What was yesterdays date again????!!!.
  9. Possibly the choke lever on the bars, maybe a different carb from standard?.
  10. By coincidence (!) there's one on ebay right now.
  11. Yep, you're right PeterB, spelling and geography were never my strong points at school!. Thanks.
  12. TooFastTim, Many thanks, I'll get no.2 son in Raparoa to contact you later on, he's away from home catching possums at the mo.
  13. Thanks for all that, I came across scanmyphotos.co.uk which might be cost effective for my 300 or so slides at
  14. Thanks for that guys, sounds like a good time is had by all!.
  15. Hi, My son is heading off soon for a 2 month working holiday in NZ. He'll be based with family near Raparoa, is there any trials action within reasonble distance?.
  16. Hi, I've got quite a lot of 25 year old 35mm colour slides, mostly from local club trials, that I'd like to get onto my computer. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced scanner that could copy them and give decent results?.
  17. I've had a Fuji S602Z for about 5 years. I't's giving a few problems now but has taken some super trials pictures over the years and suits me as it has the feel and bulk of the old SLRs I'd always used previously. It has a proper viewfinder and even an electronic "shutter click" but is probably a bit big to carry on a bike as it couldn't easily fit in a pocket and a padded bumbag is really needed for it. Presumably the s5700 and the s6500 are the more up to date replacements for this model?. I'm planning on taking a look at the s6500 at an early opportunity, prices are now about a third of what I paid for the S602Z. My son has had a couple of the Fuji compact digitals which also have been excellent and are easy to fit in a jacket pocket but I just can't get on with waving them about in front of my face trying to hold them steady and frame the picture on the LCD screen, give me a viewfinder any time, especially for action shots. And the Fuji service shop can be highly recommended if anything does go wrong with their cameras.
  18. Any news about the SACU Inter Club Team Trial anyone?.
  19. montaco

    Sherco Radiator

    Do a search on this forum for "Sherco radiator" and you'll get an address of a good repairer, I think I posted it about 18 months ago.
  20. Found one, I recall now that we did get one in after much heating and messing about, then gave up. It's a Timken x32005x, 90KA1. The rim of the cup is pretty thin so maybe this one has been ground down. OD is 45mm.
  21. Very interesting Woody. I bought a Miller taper kit 2 or 3 years ago for a 199 and found that the outer races were too big for the steering head. Didn't pursue it at the time, they're still lying in a drawer somewhere so I'll see if I can find them and measure them up. I suspect you're right on the Miller method and that my ones just haven't been ground down.
  22. Broke off the remains of the spindle head and cleaned it up as far as possible with a cold chisel. Drilled freehand from each side a pilot hole in the spindle as far as just inside the line of the cases. Stepped up drills as far as 12mm, the spindle is 14mm and I left 1mm spare all round in case not quite central. Using a reversed clamp, spread the frame just enough to get a junior hacksaw blade between the frame and swinging arm and cut through the remains of the spindle. Using the old bolt/nut trick, spread the front of the swinging arm just enough to get the junior saw blade between the cases and the swinging arm bush and cut through the remains of the spindle here too. Simple really, as long as you have the patience!.
  23. Thanks again for all the input guys. Unfortunately, on this occasion gentle wasn't an option, as the spindle was very clearly seized solid in the cases and probably in the s/a bushes as well. When I said "seized solid" I really meant SEIZED SOLID!!!!!. Fortunately my youthful experience of bodging british bikes, together with some lateral thinking, has stood me in good stead and the swinging arm is now out with no damage other than to the spindle. Part of the spindle is still in the bushes and the cases so I'll probably just take the engine out to finish the job on the bench. Thanks again. Forgot to say that the job was complicated by the fact that son had snapped off most of the head of the spindle when trying to turn it in the first place!.
  24. Any tips on drilling out the s/a spindle?. Got up to the biggest size hammer in the toolbox and still seized solid, at a guess its seized in the engine cases as it's ali too?. No room to get a hacksaw blade in either.
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