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  1. DD250

    2x2 SWM TL320

    On that we totally agree
  2. DD250

    2x2 SWM TL320

    Not at all
  3. DD250

    2x2 SWM TL320

    If you’re going to get delicate about your photos then don’t post them on the internet
  4. DD250

    SSDT Cancelled

    That would be fair and give the Majority of people who actually support Pre65 a chance to enjoy this fantastic event. Unfortunately, the young nearly man who wants a prestigious trophy will always get an entry on their trick new bike. Then there’s the people who pay in various ways to get a ride and their “friends” Previous winners etc Just the poor boys that support the sport week in week out that actually go to the ballot The Stalwarts that didn’t get in this year will have to wait until 2022 to be disappointed again
  5. DD250

    SSDT Cancelled

    Average gets lower every year . Every year there’s more “legends” turning up on a tricked up “new” pre65 to have a go at winning a trophy in the highlands! These pot hunters turn out once a year plus the odd practice for this event and then go back to their modern bikes. It will spoil it and the need to take marks of these “Winners” will eventually drive the stalwarts away and when they’re gone do you think the “new legends” will care about pre65 trials? Anyway, a great call
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