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  1. The pros are such good sports - they all got wet in this section. They caught hell from the crowd and just laughed it off and rolled with it. Pure class all the way around. Here is where Les Mizell and Cody took a bath... even Patrick got a wet boot in this section... good times.
  2. Interesting thing about that water crossing... one of the Mizell boys taco'ed a front wheel on that landing. Sunday's Pro scores: Patrick Smage:1 Cody Webb: 8 Josiah Mizell: 60 David Mizell: 52 Pro Overall for the Sooner Cup: 1 - Patrick Smage 2 - Cody Webb 3 - Josiah Mizell 4 - David Mizell Pro purse payouts were as follows: Patrick: $2,320 Cody: $1,392 Josiah: $1,102 David: $696 Dustin Land of AVTA (Kansas) received a $500 purse for placing 1st in the Expert Pro support class The Texhoma Trials club would like to thank all the riders and spectators for attending this year's somewhat humid event.
  3. Similar styles at the Sooner Cup between Cody and Patrick... Cody: Patrick: And a piccy of Patrick flying across a 10 foot water hazard - notice the reflection of the rear tire in the water... 3rd gear launch...
  4. Merry Christmas, ya badgers!
  5. The Red River area north of Muenster is still probably one of the best places to ride in the U.S. 2,500 acres of run-whatcha-brung. If its gonna be just you, I'd skip Bridgeport - if you get hurt you'll end up as a Scooby-Snack for some lucky pack of coyotes. At least at Muenster you'll have lots of other people around and some good German food and beer at The Center in Muenster afterward, just keep an eye peeled for the county mounties on the trip home... must...stay...awake...zzzzzZZZ... Be aware that Mrs. Harris has raised her prices, though... Red River Motorcycle Trails The lat / lon for the front gate is: 33.811084456 -97.4599957466 or just click here for Google Maps.
  6. God, you're such a buzz kill, Ringo.
  7. The implication that some ribbon and some trophies make up the entry fee and the NATC is thereby charging too much was the focus of my post. Again, a disclosure by the NATC of where the entry fee goes may be appropriate at some point. As a group of volunteers, given their 30-year track record
  8. If you want to prove that you have the biggest cajones, the baddest skills, and the sharpest trials brain in the U.S., then pay your money, put on your race face and get down to business gunning for your national class standing. If you don
  9. - March 28, 29 El Trial * May 30, 31 Omaha, Neb. (MWTA) * June 27, 28 TTC (TI and STRA) - July 3,4,5 Youth Nationals (East) * July 18,19 Vermont (GMP) * July 25, 26 Cayuta, NY (D4) - Aug. 8,9,10 Youth Nationals (West) - Aug. 15, 16 Ute Cup-La Garita *NATC/AMA National SEries Events We have guaranteed events for 2010 for Texhoma, Rhode Island, Sacramento PITS, New Mexico and Colorado, with a mybe for Wyoming! This was copied directly from the NATC web site - http://www.natctrials.com/index.php scroll down halfway.
  10. clarkp

    One Big Meet Week

    Well, they're meeting today, tomorrow, and Sunday morning... we'll know something soon enough. My guess is that either north Texas or Tishomingo, OK will be on the books for a two-day by this time tomorrow.
  11. TXTC - Texhoma Trials Club will host the 3rd Annual ScotTISH Gate Trial on Saturday, November 15 at the Rock Creek Riding area outside of Tishomingo, OK. Sunday will be the NTTA Tish Turkey Trial, a traditional style observed trials event ScotTISH Gate Trial flyer Funny YouTube video about the event's adopted sponsor city Auchtermuchty, Scotland.
  12. El Famoso Lone Star Two-Day results Morning classes Afternoon classes
  13. Rounds 3 & 4 of the Central Regional Series happen next weekend, October 4 & 5 at the Red River Motorcycle Trails at Muenster, TX. Lat: 33.811084456 Lon: -97.4599957466 or This is a map to the main gate. 10 sections on Saturday and 8 on Sunday - 3 loops both days! Totally new loop and totally new sections! Dinner Saturday night for competitors and $5 ea. for non-competitors. El Famoso event flyer here.
  14. clarkp

    Overheating 2.9?

    Okay - I've found that the spark plug wire is partially worn through (exposing the conductor). Is it possible that at higher revs (what I took to be 'on the main jet') the abraded conductor created a condition where it wasn't able to deliver all the energy from the coil causing a weak spark / burbling that I was experiencing which lead to everything that Cope accused me of (and I did)...
  15. clarkp

    Overheating 2.9?

    Cope, you are a master diagnostician... yes, yes, I did all of the above while about a mile and a half from camp trying to limp the thing back to the truck. I suspected a plugged main jet, however, it seems unlikely since my Sherco has three lines of defense against that: the tank filter, an inline fuel filter (one melted), and the screen on the 'buretor. scudo - yes, the ignition is very slightly retarded and has been for over a year - this condition just presented itself so I'm less inclined to suspect timing. I pulled the carb and everything 'looked' clean - blew it all out with compressed air. Cope may be right again on the plug thang - two-strokes like two things: fresh gas and a new plug... The plug in it is about a year old, may have lost it's starch - I'll slip a new one in and check. Jon - I'll also pull the header pipe to see if it's all gummed up from two years of running on the 35 pilot. I'll also pull the reed cage to see if anything is fuzzy but Cope's right again; I ride the senior amateur class which means old AND slow. turboDean - no, I've never had any issue starting the bike when it's warm... she's a one-kicker in that condition.
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