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  1. does it sound that way while riding? take it off the metal stand and see if t heres a difference. i didn't hear anything you might be hearing from that video. you do have oil in the gas ? properly ?
  2. so after lap 1 on sunday it seems bou can win with one arm? massive effort on his part. all the others must be morally defeated?
  3. first i'm shocked toni rode so well injured, i'm happy for caby in his 20th season to still be so strong. i can't believe adam didn't win. the video i've seen so far the sections looked fairly easy but the scores might have reflected tough scoring vs tough sections?
  4. camelback backpack while local, in the van while at an event. trials riders are honest and nobody wants my van
  5. don't change your normal routine and go have fun, make friends and laugh, smile. that's why we ride? fun? right rob
  6. i use the rear brake less than most so most of the time my foot is off to the side. i keep one finger on the front brake and clutch at all times and my foot seems fast enough to cover the rear when needed. i do tend to ride more on my toes than on my arch of the foot. rob
  7. most important when doing a splat is the clutch when the rear tire has made contact, then use the brakes when needed. rob
  8. 1. Bou 2. Raga 3. Cabestany (if motivated, still healthy and fit) 3. Busto 4. Fajardo (bike?) 5. Fuji (if he stays healthy) 6. Casales 8. Ferrer ( i thought alex would do better this year but, not sure what happened) 9.Karlsson ( on the rise but not sure how good he will be. hope it goes well for him) 10. Tarres (health / durability?)
  9. man that sucks, we get flooding beginning ever summer so for about 6 weeks we don't have any place to ride, but like i said i don't like summer riding so no big deal. to bad about the flooding for you though.
  10. whats wrong with riding in the wet? i hate riding in summer. here it gets upper 80's to upper 90's and 80 to 100% humidity in summer so i loooove winter riding.
  11. hi A - how old are you? B - how fit are you? C- if over the age of oh lets say about 20 and not world class fit. then you might need to view any attempt at an obstacle with the first thought of "if i fail at this obstacle will i be able to go to work on monday to support my family" it's not fear it's wisdom. wisdom that comes from years of failing so many times that you now know better. the great thing about trials is you progress at your rate and try bigger when you feel it. i personally tried any and everything to the point of hurting myself and now that i'm older i know what to really not do or try. most crashes in trials won't really be so bad but top level stuff will. but by the time you get to that level you won't be on this forum asking us for advice anymore..lol rob
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