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  1. Thanks. Mine has about 125 compression. Someone told me that's low, so i started calling around for rings. It takes two rings at like 55 dollars a piece. Then i talked to an expert who said that sounds about normal. I don't know what yours is, but the piston and rings for this aren't cheap. I've read that the wrong kind of plug can cause a knocking sound. Maybe you should try with your other plug and see if it still does it.
  2. What did you end up doing about this? I have a similar problem.
  3. thanks. I think I got it. I'm pretty sure my stator is bad. I'm going to do a couple more tests tomorrow. I need to see if the cdi is bad too. I'm considering rewrapping the stator myself. It doesn't look too complicated. I just need to figure out the right compound to use to seal it. I've been reading forums. Different people suggest different things.
  4. I only understand the basics of how all the electrical components work. Wiring and the electric stuff isn't my strong point. I'm more good with mechanical problems, so maybe someone can help me diagnose this. I took off the ignition coil and tested it. I'm pretty sure it's ok from all the info I can find on how to test a coil. I'm getting like 9.6 resistance from the primary on the coil to the end of the spark plug boot. The info I've found said it should be in between 10-16k. I'm getting 5k from the boot alone. The wires coming out of my stator are: Red=primary the triggers are white and white/black brown=ground yellow goes to the other windings. I tested the different wires. The primary wire (red) to ground (brown) was .574k. the same as with red to white and red to white/black. Red to yellow is .374, and brown to yellow is .3. I believe the important one is the red to all the others which from what I've read is supposed to be 250-300. When I kick it I get 72.5v ac from the stator to the connector. Then I get .121v coming out of the cdi to the coil. From the coil to the spark plug boot I get .685v. That's all in AC. I'm not sure if I'm testing it correctly or if this is telling me that the stator or cdi is the problem. I'm guessing the stator because of the .574 reading I got, but the numbers going to and out of the cdi confuse me. I don't understand how 72.5v gets turned into .121 from the cdi and then .685 from the coil. I'm not sure if I understand the process correctly. The stator generates ac power and sends it to the cdi. The cdi takes a portion of that power and sends it to the coil. Does the cdi convert it to DC? When the coil has the power it collects it and then releases it in single charges to the spark plugs? I'd be grateful if someone can help me make sense of these readings. thanks.
  5. I was looking at mine today. I have 4 wires that comes out of the stator and another 2 that came out of the harness. I opened up the harness to figure out what was going on. There's a black wire that goes into the harness and then right back out to create a u-shape. It connects to the plug then goes to another black. The other end goes to an individual clip. I haven't traced it yet, but it wasn't going to ground. Brown goes to ground on the stator itself. Red goes to the primary. Then there's white, yellow, and white/black. I'm not getting any strange readings from any of those wires, so I'm thinking my problem is somewhere else. I didn't have time to trim the plug wire and try it today. Hopefully I'll be able to do it tomorrow. If you want to start that thread I'll write down everything I find and contribute.
  6. I think this is pretty accurate. I'll match it up in the morning. Either way it's very helpful. thanks. I think mine is a little different, but not by much. Just a couple of the wires are different colors. I have 6 wires coming off of my stator, but there's only 1 yellow. not 2. This diagram makes it easy to figure out where everything goes though.
  7. I didn't trim the wire back. I'll try that in the morning. I have cleaned out the carb/jets. I just did it again today to see. I'll let you know if trimming the wire helps. thanks.
  8. Did you ever find a wiring diagram that isn't blurry?
  9. I'm having problems starting this thing again. After talking to you guys before I was able to get it started first or second kick every time. I mentioned before that when I first bought it I had to pull the flywheel and clean the metal contact points that are at the end of each winding because the previous owner had let water get under the cover and it created some rust. After I cleaned the rust off it ran fine. For a while now after every few rides I had problems starting it. I'd have to pull the flywheel and clean those areas and then it would start up. After I cleaned it the first time there was a bit of pot marks from where the rust was. Now I can't get it to start at all. I got new plugs and tested them up against the side of the engine. I'm getting spark, but it seems a little irregular. I tested the stator and the electricity going to and coming out of the cdi box. I think it's ok, but I don't know what numbers I'm looking for because the manual doesn't say, and the only manual I can find is all blurry in the picture of wiring diagram. I also opened up and cleaned out the carb and checked the reeds. When I pull the plug after trying to start it it's moist every time, but not soaking wet. I can't figure out what can be the problem other than maybe the tiny bit of pot marking on the contact points of the stator is causing weak or irregular spark. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas, can tell me how to properly test the stator/wiring, or if anyone has a manual that will tell me how or at least a wiring diagram that isn't blurry. Thanks.
  10. I'm having a similar problem. The only manual I can find is all blurry. It also doesn't say how to test the stator like most manuals do. Your problem might not be the stator though. These things are kind of a pain in the ass to start. Someone on here told me to push it forward 3 or 4 times and quickly hit the brake so a bit of gas goes into the engine and then kick it really really hard. Someone else told me to lean it on it's side for a couple of seconds before starting it to get gas to go in the engine. You remove the 1 big nut, and you need a flywheel puller. I forget the size off the top of my head but I want to say it's a size 30. I couldn't undo those two phillips head screws, but they only hold the weight onto the flywheel anyway. You would still need to remove the main nut to get access to the stator. The problem I'm having is the previous owner got water under the stator cover, so all the contact points at the top of each winding got rusty. I had to clean it off. Now they are a little potmarked. It was still working fine, but once in a while I'd have to open it back up and clean those areas. Now I'm getting spark, but it still won't start, so I'm thinking the spark isn't strong enough or it's not consistent. If I were you I would just test how much spark you're getting at the plug and before the cdi to see if it's an actual electrical problem or just you getting used to kick starting it. Have you gotten it started at all? If you come across an unblurry wiring diagram please share it with me. Good luck.
  11. Franklin9000

    Exhaust Clean Out

    Do you put the flame on the outside of the pipe, or do you just keep blowing the flame into the pipe? What did you do with the actual silencer? Thanks
  12. If I have questions about suspension do I have to make another post?
  13. Ya. The top compresses into the bottom. I'll check that guy out. thanks
  14. Do they have more, or was it a 1 time thing like ebay?
  15. Jim didn't seem to want to get rid of me. He answered a few questions. He was explaining that the rings and piston don't wear out like an mx bike and usually the only thing that will mess up the engine is sucking in dirt from dirty water or dropping it to where it revs really high. We also talked about how the starting problem could be because I've been running regular gas. I found a set of rings for 55 dollars plus shipping. After reading what you said I'm thinking about getting them. If I don't get them now maybe I'll get them soon. When I was testing the compression I was getting in between 125-137. Maybe I'll test the compression again and then decide. I really appreciate you explaining things to me. I'm always riding and working on things on my own, so it's nice to hear other people's thoughts. I broke my front disc guard today. Started looking for another. Can't believe how expensive they are for a piece of plastic. I'm going to look at mine later and see if I can just get a generic one to work. On the plus side I think I got my double blip down.
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