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  1. MatteoOssa300

    K-Scan for Ossa

    I've just post this 2 times, is too difficult click a link and download all the documents and software that seem to need CIA and FBI approval to be publish? All in one single place? https://www.sixrace.it/en/manuals/96497-kscan-workshop-and-software-manual-ossa-tr300.html
  2. MatteoOssa300

    K-Scan for Ossa

  3. MatteoOssa300

    K-Scan for Ossa

    You can ASK, you can't pretend. Or you need to find yourself what are you searching. If you are not able (too complex for your brain), you can ask help of someone, and not pretend. And above all do not insult. Insulting people is synonymous with extreme ignorance and rudeness, which I must not be present in a forum where you ask for assistance because you are too little intelligent to find a solution by yourself. BTW here anyone can find an updated collage of software, manual, maps, cable, easy start system and book. https://www.sixrace.it/it/manuali/96497-manuale-officina-e-software-kscan-ossa-tr300.html
  4. MatteoOssa300

    K-Scan for Ossa

    My 300 is not a factory but is very aggressive too. Personally i've removed the fast throttle like you. Another modification i need to make asap is increase the throttle spring rate. Its too easy to change throttle angle during riding.
  5. MatteoOssa300

    K-Scan for Ossa

    This is rude, he wrote me in the chat insulting me because I didn't reply within 24 hours by sending him the software. he is a poor, rude Italian, don't pay attention, we are not all like that;)
  6. MatteoOssa300

    K-Scan for Ossa

    I've add you to the share folder okapal@outlook.com Good luck! On Windows 10 there is no problem on software from my side. But I'm not able to have it work reading ECU serial and also I'm not able to have the ECU remap software work. Both are not capable to read ECU information! All the to other function work great .
  7. MatteoOssa300

    K-Scan for Ossa

    Tomorrow I will create a mega account a share a public link for everyone. There is nothing to worry about share a software of a failed company .. Al this secret is absurd. ;) Thanks
  8. MatteoOssa300

    K-Scan for Ossa

    I've shared the folder with the 2 email above ;)
  9. Sostituire il liquido elimina il problema dell'ebollizione ma non delle temperature. basta utilizzare glicolene puro non diluito, nella mia ho messo liquido puro in fusti, non può proprio più bollire ma scalda lo stesso un sacco ^^
  10. Hi to all, I'm back after some month to report what I've done. After many test I've arranged one step up DC DC converter and arranged a complete test in different configuration with an Ossa fan. The converter can power up the fan from 12.5v to 16v for more than 2 our with no problem for over heat or protection. But before mount on the bike I've made the last test > check the fan voltage on the bike connector, and check the voltage direct from the regulator main line. Expected 12v on fan connector and about 15 volt on main regulator line.... But thi is exactly opposed. The fan is just operated 14.5 v from the ECU "12v line",and the regulator otherwise only output 12v!!!! So this mean that the ECU has itself and high power DC DC stepup converter. Fan and fuel pump was powered by a stepped up line. What I've found online suppose that the regulator give a +15v (or more) line to the ECU that only regulate and lover it, but is the opposite. So has no more sense apply for a step up circuit to boost 14.5 to 15.5 o 16v the fan. Speed is increased but not Soo much and go too over fan specifics can drastically lower the fan motor life. So waiting the summer to know if I really need this, i've add 3 spaced on the radiator cap, change the tube with silicon one and for now (in winter) I've not boiling problem.if summer create problems I finally try the stepup converter to 16/16.5 volt. In the same time I'm working on some radiator side wings... Sorry for English and text I'm on phone ;)
  11. This is the sensor. Powered up from the rear / front light cable.
  12. i've add a nuts under the spring of the cap. I've not tested the spring preload added, but this can be done with more nuts. In this weekend will check liquid level to see if there is some improvement. I've also installed a temperature sensore under the spark that light up an indicator on the handlebars from green to red when the head temperature goes over 90°. i've seent that under high load ramp ossa cylinder head go frequently over 90° but its enough wait 30 second in idle to have it back to normale temperature. So i think to tune it up and increase the allert treashold from 90°C to 100°C.
  13. MatteoOssa300

    K-Scan for Ossa

    Next week I will post my complete setup . Many user send to me file and different version, I found also many guide, cable and setup. I've arranged all together in a folder with right name and subfolder division and classification, also info on how to install on Windows 7, ttl converter ecc. 90% of the information was not mine, simply grab togheter from many user (thanks a lot) and put all in a consultable folder. Let me some day next week after test to share it. Thanks , I think that software and information for a not supported bike MUST be public to every one need it !
  14. MatteoOssa300

    K-Scan for Ossa

    There is many ground to frame point of contact. Think only to spark plugs , it's a ground to chassis point
  15. Il mocool è già diluito, ho usato refrigerante puro, se ne cade una goccia non evapora nemmeno dopo 1 mese, va lavata via con l'acqua . L'unica alternativa che già volevo provare è quella di spessorare un pochino la molla, ma non farà moltissima differenza ho paura, comunque ci proviamo ! Dovrebbe essere glicolene puro, sarà sui 190° la temperatura di ebolizzione! The mocool is already diluted, I have used pure refrigerant, if one drops a drop does not evaporate even after 1 month, it must be washed away with water. The only alternative I already wanted to try is to thicken the spring a little, but it will not make much difference I'm afraid, however we try! It should be pure glycolene, it will be on the 190 ° the boil temperature!
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