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  1. I have a TRIBSA with a 500 unit twin engine in a B25 frame. The engine does fit, but the rear part of the LH frame loop has to be modified with a hammer. Because it is all so tight in that area, It is imposible to adjust the primary chain tension without taking the engine out of the frame. Not great! The side stand needs to be very long, the bracket modified or made cunningly cranked. i used a Triumph high level siamese pipe from Armours (unchromed) and had to have a new RH exhaust tube made up for it as the std version wants to pass through the frame downtube! The oil in the frame set up gives you more room to package an air filter/battery/assorted electrics in the space behind the engine. You can also buy competition side panels from Rickman which cover up all this junk. Overall it is a really nice bike for road and trail. I would add a picture if I knew how to do it! I am looking for a folding gear lever for my bile - anyone know a supplier?
  2. Trying to find a folding gear lever for a Triumph 500 unit twin. Anyone know a supplier Needed to fit my TRIBSA
  3. Trying to re-furbish a set of Ceriani type forks, probably from a Greeves Griffon.Does anyone know the correct spring length and width? Can new ones be bought anywhere? What weight and quantity of fork oil should be used? Any help would be appreciated Thanks Geoff
  4. Does anyone know how much oil and what weight for a set of 35 mm Griffon (Ceriani type) forks? Any help would be appreciated Thanks Geoff
  5. It seems likely that the bike's registration number was 127 KUF, but as yet, I can find no information about the owners. Anyone have any ideas? Does anyone have any pictures of this TR5 Trophy in the early fifties? Any help would be apreciated. Thanks
  6. I am lucky enough to own a (fairly) original 1950 TR5 in 'oily rag' but useable condition. I would love to find its original registration number so that I can research its history fully. I am informed by the VMCC that it was shipped from the factory in early March 1950 to Redhill motors in Brighton. If it was registered in the East Sussex area before Nov 1950 then it would almost certainly have a KUF registration. Given the realtive scarcity of these bikes in the UK, there will not be too many with the KUF registration, so it should narrow the field down. I would be eternally grateful to anybody who has any information about a rigid 1950 TR5 Trophy with a KUF reg. Thanks in anticipation Geoff
  7. Just noticed this Yamaha on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...e=STRK:MEWAX:IT which is claimed to be a "1986 Yamaha 250 YZ - ex Works Enduro Bike. This bike won 1987 British Enduro Championship" I can't remember who won the 87 championship or on what - Edmunson on the Honda? - but I don't think it was a Yamaha and I don't think Yamaha had any official entries on YZs in enduros. Does anyone know if this bike is genuine or not? It seems a fairly strong claim to make if it isn't true. It's a pity as the bike looks very nice and should sell well on its own merits.
  8. I have acquired a 1986 XT250, which seems sound in wind and limb. It feels nice and sharp in the low gears, starts well hot or cold, but will not pull above 5000 rpm in top which seems to be around 55mph (its a KPH speedo!). My current theory - it's much cheaper than rebuilding the engone - is that it is overgeared. Does anyone know what standard gearing is? Has anyone tried different gearing? Is it a nice bike or should I have bought a Honda XR or XLS - be gentle wit me! Thanks Geoff
  9. oldford02

    Green Thing

    Found Steve and Marlimar-UK (email - steve@marlimar-uk.wanadoo.co.uk). he was very helpful, sent the bits I needed immediately. Problem solved, bike runs perfectly!!! Wish everything was so simple. Particularly finding the correct rear light for my Bultaco Alpina, which is proving very elusive.
  10. oldford02

    Green Thing

    Woody - thanks for that, it's really useful. The website is ideal as well. I will try to get the contact details of Steve Sell. Thanks for your help Geoff
  11. oldford02

    Green Thing

    Just acquired what I am led to believe is an Ossa TR77 - a 250cc Ossa of 1978 vintage (Frame No 8-700191). Does anyone know anything about these bikes? and more importantly does anyone have the correct air filter and side panels for this bike? It might also be very useful if someone can remind me how to attach a picture - I can't remember how I did it previously and the help menu doesnt seem to have anything useful to say
  12. Hi Greeves - thanks for your information. Bultaco UK confirm that the engine No and frame No suggest it was made in November 1971 - This is great news in the Uk because it means no road tax is payable (saving
  13. Wow what fantastic service - chatted to Dave Renham of Bultaco UK (Inmotion) yesterday lunchtime - all the bits I wanted are here today and at a sensible price too. The service also includes a certificate of dating, so that I can register the thing Thanks for the recommendations
  14. Thanks Bilco and Big John, I will try him first Geoff
  15. oldford02

    Bultaco Alpina

    Not sure whether this is the right forum, but there seems to be more knowledge of twin shock Bultacos here. Just acquired a fairly original (85) Alpina, and I could do with some advice and information. Does anyone out there have one? These are my pressing questions Where can I buy new/secondhand bits? Does anyone have a handbook for sale? Were the rear shocks longer than the Sherpa? Should there be a foam filter in the air box? Does anyone have one? Why did I buy it? Perhaps Big John's disorder is spreading? Thanks Geoff
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