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  1. problem solved, the previous owner had to change the cover of the ignition, not pass the wires of the coil and one scrubbed with the magnetic steering wheel, I repaired the cable, I have placed it in its correct place and my 4rt turns on the first kick thank you all for your help I have learned a lot these days
  2. It seems a very big fault of the manufacturer. I remember that in the 2017 260 model manual if that speaks of 188 psi. can it be a good idea to clean internally the body of the injection?
  3. I've done several tests with the tick over and it's not that
  4. I will perform the test again, operating the lever slowly, the problem of high compression can also be due to excess carbon in the combustion chamber according to the manual. It can also be a problem of bad valve settling ..... I see that maybe it's a good time to open the cylinder and check ... $$$$
  5. I usually ride through the area of Mataro (Maresme capital)
  6. the checked the decompressor i think it works well, I leave you link: https://youtu.be/O0T9fJ-2l6o I have also checked the distribution marks of the camshaft and they are fine, the compression meter that I use is this, I do the test as the manual says, hot engine and the gas completely open I leave some more images, I think it's all right
  7. this afternoon I will check the decompressor, the tickover is high thanks for the clarification of the tick over, here we call ralenti. thanks
  8. I will disassemble the top cover of the cylinder head and see what the spring works well, is that what you mean? I think the decompressor works well because the lever is not very hard. I will also review it, thanks for your reply
  9. hello guys, I have problems with my 4rt 08 repsol to start it, I have done all the tests to try to see what happens, tell you that I have also mounted the starting lever model 2017 and has improved a bit, the bike comes on but after 7 or 8 kicks try another gas pump check valve adjustment Throttle cable adjustment electric connections new spark plug Today I have done a compression test and wanted to discuss the results with you, with the 125 psi cold engine and the 200 psi hot engine, I do not understand these results because in the manual it says that the figure has to be 65 psi. any ideas? thanks in advance
  10. I come from Barcelona with my 4rt and share my experiences with you. thanks to everyone!!!!
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