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  1. I remember seing a post with a link to a Trials Bike video clip of some nut riding a bike over cars and such in a city setting . . I can't find it again . . anyone know the site of the clip . . the guy was riding on the face of a dam in it also . . Thanks
  2. Now you're got me thinking . . Given the clutch, clutch springs and the slave cylinder remain the same . . . no matter how you figure it, it will always take the equal amount of force [ pressure x fluid volume] to move the clutch plates a given distance.. so what will make the clutch lever easier to pull is only greater leverage, but this equals longer movement . . . If you increase the master cylinder bore, then youre pushing a larger volume of fluid but its harder to pull . . . everything just works of the other so it seems to me there is no magic way to achieve easy lever movement with a shorter lever stroke . .
  3. 1st of all, thanks for the replies . . and here is what I found . . by having a resistor cap and a resistor pluk, the spark was deminished . . so I put on and straight non-resistor cap with a NGK BPR5ES plug . . . since I had the gas tank off while checking all the wiring, I squirted some gas in the spark plug hole before I replaced it, then kicked it over and it fired off for a second . . then stopped . . so I figure I've got it fixed, I replace the tank and seat/fender and roll it out of the garage . . . Now here is where it gets real interesting, and where I learn another lesson in life . . . It wont start again . . . same symptoms as in the begining . . . . I just saw it run so I know its got spark . . so I figure maybe there is a carb problem also . .and what the hell, let's pull the carb and take a look . . . I go to take off the aire filter and the first thing I see is it is covered in dust and dirt . . Now I had just cleaned it and went for a 2 hour ride, but the place I went was dusty . . . seems just 2 housrs had sucked up enough dust to completely plug tyhe air filter . . even though it was running great when I finished riding before, it was too pluged to start . . seems like the blocked airfilter was acting like a giant 'choke' and flooding the engine . . So there is the whole story, and I admit I was a 'bonehead' for not picking up on the air flow quicker . . The moral of the story is that "in life when you don't get what you want, you get experience instead" . .
  4. OK . . Here's what I found today . . I took off the spark plug boot[ this was a great place to start . . thanks for the tip] and had a hot spark from the bare wire to ground . . testing the boot found it has 4500 ohms resistance . . .then the bike had a resistor type plug from the previous owner . . it was about 5000 ohms . . so my question now is 1] is the boot suppose to be a resistance type and what is the purpose? 2] the bike was running fine for the past 6 months . . why did it all of a sudden stop starting . . ? Thanks for the help . . Dave
  5. My 98 GasGas was becoming hard to start the last few times I rode it , , and now I can't get it to run at all . . I appears to have a weak spark at the plug {very small, not at all what I expect it should be like} . . with the plug out [ no compression] and kicking it rapidly, I have a very weak spark . . hard to see at all but there is a slight one . Yep, tried a new plug . . same thing. I then pushed it down a steep hill and jumped it in 5th gear and no fire at all, no even a cough . . I'm sure one of you guy's have been through this before . . Will you give me some thoughts on where to start looking and how to test please ? How hot should the spark look . . when I open up the gap on the plug, there was no spark at all . . what gap should a good spark jump . . Thanks . .
  6. Ive ridden bikes since 1963, bought my first one myself at 18 in 1965 . . and have had over 100 different bikes in the last 45 years . . . . Being a 'tool guy' I mostly fix them up, drive them for a while and resell and buy something better until I have something I want to keep a while . . I rode a 74 Honda tl125 in 74-76 and a tl250 in 84 , , , had a bad fall in 85 desending a steep slope, broken bones involved, and swore off dirt bikes . . . kept ridding street bikes until I was 55 and my wife asked me to stop . . said Ok . . . went for 4 years without a bike . . . But at age 60 I couldn't stand being bikeless, bought 2 Trials bikes and want to try it again . . . . Wow, has the world of trial changed . . .and I'm riding a 98 Gas Gas and a 98 Scorpa . . . nice bikes, more capable than I am but some of the new stuff is like rocket science to me . .So you're going to see me asking a lot of novice questions as I try to pick this sport up again . . . Thanks in advance for answering my good questions and putting up with any 'stupid' question . . Dave in Calif
  7. my 98 Easy has a 10 front and 43 rear . . and it seem to be too talll, meaning it goes to fast in 1st gear at an idle for me . . .I'd like it to crawl a little slower . . I'd like to put a 9 on front but can't find a manufacturer for that size for the rotax engine . . so I'm thinking about a 50 on the rear . . . who has tried what and any suggestions I guess I want to go slower and dont mind losing any off the top Thanks
  8. zip tip was ok for a temp fix, but I wanted something a little more solid . . I removed the original black plastic knob on the choke lift and machined an new alum one that is 3/4 inch taller, thats 19mm for some of you . . . . now i can get my finger under the top lip and easily like the choke . . seems like someone would make these as a retrofit kit . . maybe an opportunity here
  9. Why would Scorpa / Rotax use a carb with the choke knob located on the inside of the bike frame and practically untouchable?? I cant seem to see how are you suppose to get your fingers around the choke pull to lift it up . . has someone figured out some neat trick?? I'm thinking of making a little fork that will reach in over the muffler to lift the choke knob . . Suggestions please . .
  10. Thank you very much . . that sites info was just what I was looking for
  11. I just bought a 98 TX270 but it came wih absolutely no infomation . . I've searched the 'net' for a manual on the bike and the engine . but haven't found anything . .Does anyone have a spare copy or know where I can get one . . and do they have any useful service information to help me do maintenance??? Thanks for your help
  12. I just bought a 98 Scorpa but it came wih absolutely no infomation . . I've searched the 'net' for a manual on the bike and the Rotax engine . but haven't found anything . .Does anyone have a spare copy or know where I can get one . . and do they have any useful service information to help me do maintenance??? Thanks for your help . .
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