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    Beta 80's

    My son's EVO 80 Jr fires up no issue and runs well, but it drools a remarkable amount of orange-tinged goop from the front of the silencer, to the point of being embarrassing. It's wet almost like coolant and oil mixed, but the bike doesn't seem to use coolant and it doesn't smell when running. Our trials are mostly dry, although I do wash the bike with a power washer. As a related aside we're running 80:1 Motul 710 mixed with non-ethanol gas. Thoughts?
  2. Not sure if you've already accomplished the task, but perhaps pulling the swingarm is the easiest way to get this done. Let us know what you find.
  3. Not something I thought too much of until I rode the Vertigo Vertical we just got in the shop. Still, the clutch on the Beta seems to engage quickly/hard even with a determined effort to feed it in very precisely. Because it's the Factory EVO it already has the good plates spec'd - could this be mitigated by changing from the Motul TransOil Expert 10w40 to a different fluid? Swapping clutch springs?
  4. I'd send him some money just because he's not whoring himself out all over social media, but I'd never heard of him before just now ?
  5. I spoke with Frank at BetaUSA a couple weeks ago, and he acknowledged an early January (9-10ish) introduction with bikes Stateside in mid-late February.
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