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  1. Hi Massiimo. Thanks for the advice. I took the caliper to a dealer this morning and he did as you said. It took him 5 minutes! He split the casing, freed up the pistons and told me to clean it carefully later. I have now done this and the seels are fine and the pistons are now free. See the image now. Will put it all back together tomorrow. Dealer did this foc which was great.
  2. Are discounts available and if so what are they?
  3. Hi folks and thanks for the advice. I have now taken the caliper off the bike. When connected one piston was slightly better / more out than the other, see image. This was with pedal pressed and after bleeding. My plan is to replace pistons and seals if I can get them out. Not clear how you push them out with compressed air? Anyway plan to visit Honda Montesa dealer in Glasgow to seek advice and necessary parts. You can probably tell I am no mechanic! Thanks again.
  4. The fluid is WD40 residue, I sprayed the caliper in the hope of freeing the pistons. It was dry before doing so. Like you, I think they should move out more than this. Any tips on freeing them?
  5. Thanks lineaway. The lack of success is taking me to that eventuallity. On looking at the rear caliper pistons, the movement is hardly noticable. Should the pistons come further out of the caliper than this? Could they be stuck?Pads are between 3&4mm. Bled again and at m/c. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
  6. I'm having a nightmare trying to bleed my 2014 Repsol 4rt. I have no pedal pressure whatsoever, have tried "little bleeder" tool but was unable to get any pressure from the pedal. I do get a reaction in the tube when pressing pedal but very limited. No visible leeks and I was able to stop the wheel with the pedal on stand with my hand before attempting the bleed. Pads look okay and did work. Read all of the above and more! Did undo the banjo at the caliper and heard and saw air bubbles, mistake I think as it's worse since doing that. Tried to reverse bleed but only managed to cover workshop floor, bad seal. Could it just be an air lock? Others say syringe and draw it through, what size of syringe? Tips would be most welcome, loosing the will to carry on!
  7. Apologies if this is slightly off topic but as a 60+ returnee on a Repsol 2014 with a inherited 9-43 set up, i find first a bit short and 2nd a slight stretch. Not a clutch man so maybe a daft question but should I make changes to the sprocket combo? If so to what?
  8. RC4

    4RT Kill Switch Wiring

    Problem Solved! Traced the two (green, blk/wht) wires back to the ECU and they were both badly coroded at the ECU. Cleaned up and all good now. Original red kill button switch works fine as does the new lanyard type. Many thanks for all your suggestions.
  9. RC4

    4RT Kill Switch Wiring

    Thanks jimmyl. I have had a better look under the tank. Its a bit tight and not sure how far to pull the tank back. Anyway i have attached an image of what I see. It appears the green & blk/white from under the tank both go back to the ecu. The green and black in the image go to the front under headstock plug with a blank above. You can probably tell, I am no electrician!
  10. RC4

    4RT Kill Switch Wiring

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have now started the bike and connected the two wires (green and black) from under the tank together, the bike continued to run. Looking under the tank I did see a small black block connecter that was not connected to anything and had just one wire to it, black with brown tracer. It did not lok like it had anything to do with the green and black wires that come from the main wiring. Not sure what to try next?
  11. Hi! First post. I have just bought a 2014 4RT Repsol after 30+ years away from trials. The kill switch on the bike did not work and I decided to fit a Apico lanyard type. When I disconected the old switch I have two wires from the bike under the tank, a green wire and a black with white tracer wire. The new Apico switch has a brown (with a round eyelet) wire and a black (with bullit end) wire. I connected green to brown and black/white to black. The bike starts ok but the magnetic kill does not work and the bike continues to run. Any clues please? many thanks.
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