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  1. I have found Vee Rubber tire is not good comparing to proper 18" trials tires. It has very hard compound and does not stick to anything. Very disappointing. X11 have way much softer compound and sidewalls, not to mention X-Light. Did anyone tried other R17x3.5 tires? Duro HF-307 has similar to trials pattern, but how soft it is? https://www.duro.com.tw/en/product/motorcycle/5efe9e1f026130337e48b83e
  2. DHK

    4rt Swingarm

    Hi! I am currently converting my DIY electric mid drive freeride bike to trials with a proper trials 18" rear wheel. Got the Jitsie 4rt Rear hub and it is 145mm wide. Now I have to figure out how wide my swingarm should be to accomodate trials style brake caliper. Can someone tell the 4rt swingarm inner (dropout) width and spacers on each side? Thanks, Denis.
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