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  1. Can anyone help with rim offset for the FM350 Minarelli 156 and the FM250 125 Professional please?
  2. Thanks for replies. I tried all sorts to seal spoke Chanel and then admitted defeat and troweled in windscreen sealer, then left it 2 days to set. sorted 😞
  3. Just a follow up, the Morad wasn't a straight fit to the Ossa rim. The wheel builder had to change the spoke angle by modifying the nipple holes/seats. I am having trouble sealing it as well. What is normal pressure loss I wonder? I think next move will be to remove the band and seal up the spokes as per Woody's advice.
  4. Thanks, I hadn’t considered the ring sealing. I’ll see what’s available oil wise around here.
  5. Thanks for your reply. So if I am running 80:1 with present jetting I would need smaller main jet?
  6. What would be advise re oil fuel ratio with synthetic oil for my Ossa 250 MAR please? Alistair
  7. Thanks, I think Forex is right, it’s too big an ask. I’ll wait till the bike gets here and measure up everything Maxton ask for. They said they can work upto an angle of 45 degrees. I was hoping there was someone on the forum that had fitted a set to same bike. Steve has used a different make of rear shocks. I think. Alistair
  8. Yes you are probably right. Once I’ve measured my own bike I’ll post the measurements in case someone else needs them. Thanks for the advice Alistair
  9. Looking for help, I have a Ossa tr-80 coming from Spain, it is several weeks away and I would like to get a pair of Maxton rear shock absorbers under way before it get here. The units are built to order, the information they need is; front and rear axle weight, swing arm pivot to rear axle swing arm pivot to bottom shock mount swing arm pivot to top shock mount shock absorber length top shock eye diameter and width bottom shock eye diameter and width. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you. Alistair
  10. Thanks Woody, Greg, that’s great information and advise. I have ordered a tubeless Morad rim and will be able to put all that great advice into practice, thank you for sharing your experience. Alistair
  11. Thanks Greg, yes I would like to use the non flanged rim. Did you rebuild the wheel yourself?
  12. I guess there are not a lot of tyre choices that aren’t tubeless.
  13. Thanks Woody, did you have someone supply and build the wheel or do it yourself? is it a worthwhile modification to do from your experience?
  14. I am looking for advise on the best way to go about fitting tubeless rims to a Ossa 250 Mar and a TR-80 Gripper. Anyone out there that has done this, which rim did you use? The Mar has parallel hub and the Gripper doesn't, both 36 spoke. I read a post were the poster had trouble fitting a new MORAD and had to fit a used one. Any help appreciated. Alistair
  15. Thanks Stephen, I could not open image though. Alistair
  16. Listerjag

    Linkage Play

    With zero load on rear suspension my rose joint outer has play left to right, the rose joint is no longer a tight fit in the alloy linkage. No up and down play.
  17. Hi, has anyone had any experience beefing up the magneto cover around the clutch actuation shaft or is there another stronger magneto cover that can be used? Any help or advice much appreciated, thank you Alistair
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