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  1. There is a problem with fouling plugs. Some vertigo riders are not having this issue. But my bike is fouling the plug every few hours. The bike runs good then won't start. New plug and it fires up on first kick. I don't think that changing the spark plug every couple of hours is a good solution.
  2. KmK

    Is it a 125 or 200

    We don't have VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) taxes where I live. I would think you could say it is a 125 according to the engine markings and origin of Title paperwork. The sticker on the fender might be an issue during the MOT test / inspection. So I am not really sure how this discrepancy is best resolved. I would think that the engine stamping and origin of Title paperwork is more official than the sticker, so for taxation purposes legal documents seem more appropriate. Hopefully this wouldn't mean that you would have to take the nice sticker off the fender. When I purchased this bike the only thing I had to go on, to believe it is in fact a 200, is the sticker. The dealer said that the S3 cylinder jug should be stamped 200cc but I could not find this anywhere on the cylinder jug. I like all of the suggestions to measure the bore from the exhaust port, but currently the bike has less than 100 hours on it, and I don't want to remove any parts. When I service the top end and/or exhaust, I will measure the bore.
  3. I was out last weekend and stalled the bike riding as slow as I could without using the clutch. I was in the woods, practicing balance techniques, and the bike was very warm. My guess is that I flooded the engine with a rich fuel mixture, and attempts to restart the bike with the 1/4 throttle technique wasn't working. After three or four kicks, I tried full throttle, and it started with one kick. Followed by a cloud of white, un-burnt fuel, smoke. This technique may be required, full throttle, when the bike is really warmed up and you stall it out. So there is basically three different algorithms for starting these bikes. Cold start: two priming kicks, with no throttle, then 1 to 2 kicks with 1/4 throttle. Warm start: 1 to 2 kicks with 1/4 throttle. Flooded start: 1 to 2 kicks with full throttle (use as a lasts resort with warmed up bike that stalls).
  4. Yes, when it is cold, the first two kicks are without throttle. Once it is warmed up, then these first two kicks are not necessary and you would use the 1/4 throttle technique. I was having trouble cold starting my Vertical 200 also. After I tried this technique, first two kicks without throttle, it always starts on the third or fourth kick.
  5. The dealer informed me that 2 priming kicks load the fuel into the fuel injection system. This is necessary as there is no fuel shutoff. The third kick with 1/4 throttle and it should always start. If not then there is a problem with the bike that requires service. Once the bike is warm it should start with just one kick. My experience with my old trials bike taught me that you need to have the cylinder loaded for max compression when you kick it. If you apply a little pressure to the kick starter and it slides through the stroke, it needs to be reloaded. The kick starter should have resistance at the highest spot. Then a full solid kick is what you need. This typically requires some gymnastics. Two hands on the hand grips. One foot one the kick starter, at the top. One foot on the ground. Then jump with the leg that is/was on the ground. Once you are up in the air, and just starting to descend, use the leg on the kick starter to stroke the engine. And at same time twist the throttle. Or use a tree to lean the bike against, with left grip, and front brake on. This isn't as good but can work.
  6. KmK

    Is it a 125 or 200

    I have never ridden a 250, or a fuel injected bike, but the Vertigo Vertical I just bought appears to have quite a bit of torque. My other trials bike is a modified 86' TY 350. Thanks peterb for clarifying that "for paper work purposes (the 200) is documented as a 125". I would never have figured out that it is possible to measure the bore, without taking off the head, through the front exhaust port on the cylinder jug. Also thanks tshock250 for the suggestion to contact vertigo uk, I didn't realize that was an option. I have read that Vertigomotors provides great support and I will let you know if they reply.
  7. KmK

    Is it a 125 or 200

    Hi all, I just bought a 2020 Vertical 200. It was advertised as a 200 and it has a 200 sticker on the rear fender. Interestingly, the original Titile of origin says it is a 125 and the motor is stamped with a 125 code. Does any know if there is any way to verify this bike is actually 200cc ?
  8. KmK

    Service manual?

    Hi Primodious and/or Simonelongus , Would it be possible to get a 2020 Vertical 200 service manual? or what you have would be great. Thanks in advance!! koblas9@gmail.com
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