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  1. Sorry mate I need to put my glasses on. I know you’ve changed the water pump but are you 100% sure you have good coolant flow and circulation.
  2. For what it’s worth I’m 45 (12 stone) and ride a Beta Rev 3 (125). I bought it cheap to get into trials, with a view to getting a newer (bigger engine) bike at a later date. I Iove everything about this bike and can’t justify changing it. I love the classic bikes, but that depends on preference and what you intended to do.
  3. It seems to me that you may have a cylinder head issue, causing you cooling system to over pressurise. If my bike did this I would not be running the engine until I had removed the head. Particularly as it’s an easy job on a 2t trials bike. Sorting your carb now, doesn’t change the fact that damage may have already been done.
  4. All you need to do is google brake caliper seals, for the brake piston diameter you have. All caliper piston seals are square profile. I have also done this with brake pistons. I recently rebuilt an old hebo caliper, none of the parts I used were listed hebo parts.
  5. Thanks for the info chaps. I’m not sure what year my Rev 3 is, it’s a bit of a mixture. The frame number does not give the year of manufacture on my bike. It has the 6 pole magneto with the 6 pole stator (with 2 opposing pick up coils) so pre 2003. My bike actually came with an aftermarket combined cdi /coil, and the previous own had removed the pick up coils from the stator but retained the regulator. The engine runs sweet until you give it max Rev, it then acts like it’s got a Rev limiter. I have also got the (03-08) 4 pole magneto. I think I have found a 4 pole stator that will work with my 4 pole beta magneto and cdi/ coil, just need to adapt stator back plate. I’ll post how it goes.
  6. I do what eagle8 said. I remove the spring, and put the comp and rebound adjusters in mid position. It should take a bit of force to compress the damper (your working against the gas pressure and oil damping). When you release the damper it should return in a firm controlled manner. You can play with the adjusters and notice a change in damping rate
  7. Ideally I would love to but it back to standard, but like I said it’s not financially viable, I would bet better off breaking the bike for parts! I am an electro mechanical engineer by trade with a good knowledge of ignition systems. Getting the system to fire correctly with the right advance etc is no problem. The only issue I need to sort is magneto compatibility or adapting. I might just get another complete ignition system and machine the magneto (flywheel) hub to suit the Rev 3 crank. You can get an aftermarket system for under £150 including magneto, cdi/ coil, and stator.
  8. Hi guys, I have recently purchased a cheapish beta Rev 3 with a botched ignition system incorporating some bits from another bike. The bike is in good condition and I have resolved all other issues with the bike. To sort the ignition, and get back to original I would need, cdi unit, stator ( type with 2 opposing trigger coils) and coil with bracket. now this is going to be expensive, even with used eBay bits. So I am thinking about retro fitting an alternative ignition system. I have found that the beta techno (Ducati energia 6 pole stator ) system, seems to be identical to the modern lambretta 12v system which is financial viable. Does anyone know if it’s possible to retro fit another system cheaply? The main hurdle with fitting an alternative system is will it work with a beta flywheel? or will an alternative flywheel fit the beta engine ? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. And if I can sort it many people could benefit!
  9. Hi All, decided to have a crack at trials after mainly riding enduros. Have found it great fun so far, with an awesome trials park just up the road. Unfortunately my beta Rev 3 has a botched ignition system which I need sort, without spending a fortune.
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