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  1. Thank you all for the info posted. The engine is coming together slowly, abit too slowly really but things get in the way! cheers
  2. Many thanks for the info, I'm slowly building the engine and it has a GB gear cluster in it so is wide ratio, I would mainly use the bike for pre 65 trials, it would be nice to do the odd classic road trial but will be mainly trials sections. I'm waiting for the frame at the minute so I will have to wait for chain clearance measurements. I have cub hubs front and rear and have just got them back from the powder-coating after making the rear hub 35mm wider. I will get the 18T primary sprocket and seal, it would be nice to fit the drive sprocket and build up the clutch basket etc.
  3. Thank you for that, if I use 18t and 52t for primary what would you recommend for the chain sprockets. cheers Michael
  4. Hi All, I'm building a B40 trials bike and wonder if you could help with primary and secondary sprocket selections? i don't have a crank primary sprocket or gearbox output sprocket yet or a rear wheel sprocket. any help would be much appreciated and save me some money and a lot of time getting it right! cheers Michael
  5. I was given it and seems like a good idea to support the shaft. I know that they are properly used for scrambles and not really needed for trials? Just trying to make an half decent engine after finding lots of little proplems with it. Would you not bother with it?
  6. Hi this may help, Not really sure of the electrics on bsa's but you can test by using a multi meter set for ohms, testing each of the wires with each other. you should have some resistance and no open circuits. you can also test with a meter set to volts DC testing from each wire to your frame as negative and kick the bike over you should see the meter read 6v or around 12v. I hope this is of some use
  7. Here we go again! Im trying to fit a PES outrigger bearing plate to my b40 but the chain sprocket seems too wide to get a full nut and also no clearance between the outrigger bearing and sprocket nut. Has anyone fitted one of these and had the same trouble? Seems like you have to make the sprocket a little narrower? Please help one step forward and one step back at the moment!!!
  8. Hi again! Thank you fot your advice, After finding the time to look at the engine properly I found that it should have a lip seal but the old seal looked very much like it had an insert after being rubbed by the crank. Going back together slowly!!
  9. Hi I still have the problem with my outer casing for the crankshaft. Is it possible to get a bush for the casing if it runs on a bush or is it just ment to be a seal? Could really do with some help as Im dieing to get her fired up again. The engine is an end fed crank gb model. Thank you for any info
  10. I need some help with my b40 engine! Im in the middle of rebuilding my engine and Im not sure about the crank shaft bush in the outer casing. It looks like a steel insert within a piece of rubber and is'nt a very good fit with the crank. Drawings only show an oil seal. Is this correct or has some one played with it? would be very greatful for any info.
  11. Can you help me with fitting a cub hub in a set of b50 front forks? Do you have to make a new spindle or are there other ways around it? Is it a good idea too cut my c15 frame to raise the engine for more ground clearance? do I live with it or go for a faber frame? Any help much appreciated.
  12. Thank you very much for the reply, I didnt realise that different size spacers are available. I have another B40 with a distributor and it has done the same thing, The spacers are they different thicknesses or do you get them made as you need? The chain has done a lot of damage to the engine casing but I dont really want to strip it right done and get it welded, but it is what it needs really. Cheers for your help I will have a measure up tomorrow, really want to get it running again!
  13. beardy2000


    Hi I have a problem with my B40 trials, I went to fit a pvl ignition and found the primary chain had been rubbing the crank seal. Is this common and how can I sort it? I also need to get more ground clearance from a c15 frame b40 engine . Been having problems with getting hung up all the time. Are there any common mods that were done? Also how easy is it to replace the conical hub with a cub hub, I have b50 front forks four studs Any help would be much appreciated
  14. Hi you need to measure the old shock centres and get a new set too suit, try njbshocks.co.uk.
  15. The correct plug as told by many is a B6HS?, Could do with knowing the correct air screw setting! plug is very black and shorted out when checked with multy meter, have change the oil and still did it. been told not to use synthetic oil and only mineral?
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