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  1. wayne thais

    2010 Sherco

    Exactly and you will create stress risers all across the welds top and bottom. Design a sacrificial plate that can attach to the rad mounting bolt.
  2. wayne thais

    2010 Sherco

    I would not cut the frame. The solution that Ishy shows should work. Gas Gas pro bikes have a piece of rubber that is used to prevent denting the frame.
  3. I should have deleted some of the pictures. No I did not gain weight, all of the bicycle riding and walking in the woods. Yes I do miss that tasty cake, worth every penny! We look forward to a ride with you guys.
  4. Here is a link to pictures of the 2010 2.9 Sherco being taken apart to prep it for competition. http://s307.photobucket.com/albums/nn299/D...rco%20Pictures/ Wayne
  5. I am at Ron and Esther's, we came down to surprise her on her birthday. The same day that we arrived Ron's new 2010 2.9 arrived. We celebrated Esther's birthday on Wednesday night, and Ron started taking the Sherco apart on Thursday, he always takes a new bike apart, everything comes off except for the engine and the electronics. He then puts it back together applying grease to every bearing and anti-seize to all of the bolts that go into aluminum. He also works his magic on many other components (secret). I got to observe all of the changes that the engineers have made to the new bike. I am very impressed, here is a list of the significant changes that I saw. 1. Entirely new frame, very nicely finished, good welds and neat little forgings where the front part of the frame attaches to the engine. The frame is extremely narrow at the head tube area, but it looks plenty sturdy. 2. The new fuel tank is nicely done, it will take some time to figure out how to put fuel in it and how often, but hopefully the learning curve will be shallow. 3. The fuel tank and the muffler fit fairly well, Ron had to make a couple of adjustments to get the rear fender to set level. 4. The wiring is all new and much simpler, the components look better and the location of the electronics is much better. 5. A nice touch is the neat cast bracket that serves as the rear head stay and the mounting for the electronics. 6. The radiator fill cap is right out in the open, much easier to get to than formerly. 7. The new air filter box location is awesome, so easy to access, the filter should stay dry. The dzus fastener is kind of a PITA but it is a proven design and they have been used in the aircraft industry for years. Ron should finish everything today and hopefully give it a test ride before taking it to Kansas tomorrow. He did start it last night and it sounded really good. He did rejet the carb, 118 main and a 35 pilot. Initial impression is that the engineers have done a very good job on this new bike. Wayne
  6. I am at Ron's watching/helping him with the new bike. I am VERY impressed with the redesign of the bike. The engineers have completely changed everything on the frame. The swing arm and the forks/triple clamps look about the same as last years but everything else is new. The frame is well thought out with nice welds and neat little castings where it attaches to the front of the motor. The location of the electrical components is very nicely done. The wiring is much simpler, the radiator cap is right out in the open. The air filter is very easy to access and should not fill up with water. The fuel tank and muffler are nicely done. It may take a little time to figure out how to fill the fuel tank. All in all it looks really good, the proof of the pudding will be in the riding, Ron will let us know. Wayne
  7. Mark, the torque information is in one of the old manuals. I believe it is the set up and lubrication guide. Wayne
  8. wayne thais

    Fat Bars

    I used the fat bars on every bike that I owned from 1999 on, they do not bend or break nearly as easily as the 7/8" bars and provide a little bit of flex taking some strain off of the wrists. (I never bent nor broke any of the fat bars, I still have a set in the attic that I used many years ago) The older Sherco top triple clamp would receive the bolt on clamps so it was just a bolt on with the correct brackets. The newer top bracket could be machined out and modified to receive the fat bars. I have done both with good success. In my opinion it is worth the change. Wayne
  9. wayne thais

    2010 Sherco

    Mark, I like the weird no seat look, it gets a lot of questions. Where is the seat, is that a hill climber, is that a speedway bike etc. I get even more when I am towing it with my Goldwing Trike. Wayne
  10. I would hope that there is someone in your area who is an experienced mechanic who could answer all of your questions for you first hand. It is extremely difficult to attempt to diagnose the type of questions that you are asking without being there. I think you would save yourself some time energy and money by asking a mate, even if you have to pay them. to check out your engine and answer all of your questions. Wayne
  11. I was looking on the NATC site and the day 1 results are posted but the day 2 results have not been posted yet, does anyone know when they might be available? Thanks, Wayne
  12. Cope, I measure from the bowl surface to the float, not to the float arm, mine is currently set at around 20mm. Wayne
  13. You are such a wise guy. I bought the floor paint today, going with the Rust-oleum commercial. I have to grind the floor before I can etch it because it has been sealed.
  14. I have had my 09 4t for several weeks but because we moved to a new house I have not been able to ride it other than around the neighborhood. Starting has been an issue and I think that I have it figured out, this particular motor wants some throttle. If it does not start hot in two or three kicks, I open the throttle about 1/8 of a turn and it fires right up. Even cold if it does not start in 3 or 4 kicks with the choke on I take the choke off and give it the 1/8 throttle and it starts right up. My 08 was entirely different from this. I have the carb float set at around 20mm and the air screw at 1/2 turn out. Bike runs great after it starts, hopefully I will be able to take it to the club next week. Wayne
  15. Correct me if I am wrong but since you are measuring with the float bowl upside down the dimension would probably be 20 rather than 18, do you agree? Thanks, Wayne
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