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  1. I was at the first four rounds, as I hear most riders were not happy with the new rule. One thing that needs to happen is who ever sets up a section needs to learn to put the split card in a better location so the split card is not an issue. I feel that a judge should have to see you touch a split card not just say I seen it move. I for one do not like the new rule. The natc is set to follow the fim rules right or wrong.
  2. Sounds familiar, hu.
  3. I would like to ride the regionals, but tish was the same weekend as trials training day in Tennessee. TTC has been the last weekend in March for a long time. Texas is to close to the nationals for me to spend the money and I have to work sunday. In the past the regionals has been after summer. I hope to be able to ride Kansas. Sting see you in Cali.
  4. pkelyman- Welcome to trials ! SDC offered some good advice, look around for a local club you will meet some new friends and it a lot funner riding with someone. 2/4 not everyone is irresponsible.
  5. The 300 SS is a nice bike. A lot of things come into play when choosing a new bike. You like smooth power and a lot of torque the 300 SS is a good choice. If your new to trials and want to compete the 250 is another very good choice. I have a 250 2t and just love it also I have ordered a 300 Factory and will probably detune it a little. Were are you located, I guessing your in the U.S by asking about the SS.
  6. Why ? There is already a Central Regional championship. If you want a regional series get with the clubs in your area say east or west coast or where ever your from and get one started, it works wonderfully. The Central Regional in my area consist of 5 two day events 2 before summer and 3 after summer. Works great as it helps the clubs and you don't have to ride all the events.
  7. rlracer

    Beta 2012 300 Ss

    I use Maxima ultra light. The 300 ss is a nice bike.
  8. Maybe next year the sooner cup can be on a different weekend and I can make both. I'd like to see some of my few friends from Texas. Jon I need to get a book back to you, Thanks.
  9. There is a few used ones around, I know there is one in my area.
  10. Copie hope you can make it but I understand 4 hours Tish or 11 hours TTC, I'm in for TTC and the 1500 miles.
  11. rlracer

    Evo Mudguard Mesh

    I clean the surface and use hot glue or a product from Valco called VH 350. Also use some small clamps from the hardware store to hold it in place while either one sets up.
  12. Price was reduced more than $500 on the 300. Riding the 2 stroke this year and will get another 4 stroke next year there fun to ride !
  13. Contact your local U.S. dealer for price on a 2012.
  14. Just installed a set, nice quality. Keep a heat gun handy. I installed the set with the wheels off the bike and used a tire mounting ring to support the wheel. Take your time.
  15. rlracer

    Eve Map Switch

    The graph chart that I saw showed the maps were mirror images till 3500 rpm then they split.
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