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  1. 3D Trials club season start

    Hey Biff,Good story there I am not good with poison ivy at all need to stay clear of that.Thanks for the imformation will see u in ohio.JR
  2. 3D Trials club season start

    Hey Biff,We miss you riding with us also.How is the site in Ohio terrain wise any imformation?JR
  3. We tried to work with all the trials clubs for our dates.But there are only so many weekends so there are some overlapping days.There is no lack of riding in the northeast!JR

  4. 1st event of the year,Sangerfield,ny follow orange arrows from rt20.11 am start.We have a small number of rides this year so come out and support the club. See u in the woods.JR http://3dtrials.org
  5. Sy250 Rear Brake Master Cyl

    Had a few sys I do not remember but you should be able to unbolt from frame and drop it out.JR
  6. Neta Area Riders?

    Tom,You have a great group of people in the neta club up your way.Go to there web page and make some contacts there.Or many in club active on facebook.I am over in upstate ny 3D trials club you are always welcome over this way. Jim
  7. When Your Buddy Hits The Trials Lottery....

    Yeah Biff I will agree there put a shirt on buddy!!JR
  8. Exciting News About Trials In North America Coming!

    Yes what is this BIG NEWS anyway?
  9. Central New York Fantic 247

    We have a trials club in central ny.Our web site http://3dtrials.org So check it out and welcome to trials. JR
  10. Club Memberships

    Our club is in upstate newyork.We can go from 40 rider turnout to as little as 16 show up.Total club members maybe 50 but most likely less.We may have had 4 new riders join this year.Seems there is way to many events around and people have other things to do.Most of are core group are 50 to 60 yeras old. Spectaters same as riders sometime the word gets out and 20 or more will show up you never know.http://3dtrials.org
  11. 2016 Models Details Released

    Sure does look like the scorpa but makes sense
  12. Looks like the place to fly into for sure.Easy drive south to site.HAHa
  13. Well with the heat there will have to be early on the list of events for that year.April or early May at latest I would think.JR
  14. Yes I was disappointed in the 125 class turnout Really enjoy watching them hammer the rocks.Seems to be a lack of young ones that wait to ride. JR
  15. Hey Biff Glad to see you made it home safe.Great weekend.Maybe you need to take over the minding job for me,and I can just be mechanic haha.I was looking to meet Andy also but was to busy with other things. So get the Michigan gang together and come out and ride with us at 3D sometime. JR