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  1. the US Nationals are marked the same way
  2. First it was fourstrokes are "overpriced nightmares created by government regulation" and now this. Maybe you oughta lay off the Jalapenos before bed time cause you seem to have a lota Nightmares. Unless Jalapenos is one of your native foods.
  3. Why don't you Wisconsin boys put on a National and show us all how to do it. It's only been 30 years since your club put one on.
  4. Complete RESULTS are posted first here http://mototrials.us/results-archive
  5. Getting points from Pat, Cody or any top rider on super grippy rocks is a very hard thing to do. Those guys with over 100 points on Saturday and over 150 on Sunday should ride Expert. They only had handful 3's and fived everything else. They would probably have more fun in expert too.
  6. The Ossa rider was Scott Denison. He rode with his brother Chris Denison ,editor of Dirt Rider Magazine. they were testing the new Sherco and Ossa.
  7. Contact the Upper Midwest Trials Assn http://www.umta.org great group of guys.
  8. it looks like someone ruined two classic MX bikes.
  9. Im not suggesting we need to replace the natc series with another format, just think that it would help if there were more regional series like the Central Regionals and the PNTA and the NATC could help create/promote it.
  10. Exactly the point I was trying to make. Thanks.
  11. since the natc nationals are only for guys that can afford the time and money to drive all over creation should the natc create a regional series to fill the gap between club trials and the nats?
  12. It's in the shed next to the 4 stroke. This French E Bike looks promising http://www.trial-club.com/webzine-trial/edito/2011/saga-de-la-57-episode-5/
  13. Mike, If you fix the Bultaco you will have a piece of trials history. If you put the Yamaha motor in it you will own a ******* that nobody wants. Can you post photos of the Bultaco?
  14. speak up.... .....or if that doesn't work then shut off his fuel tap whilst he is walking the section
  15. Didnt know that...get well Ringo
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