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  1. Dont know why Honda haven't releised this before!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put this item nuber into e bay 120327913811.
  2. Try ebay. Someone keeps selling a disc of the Montesa manual for the 123 for a couple of quid.
  3. HI. I'm currently in the process of rebuilding a '58 Triumph 3TA and am wondering what to do about front forks. I have a pair of old bog standard Triumph forks, old meaning springs on the outside! I also have a pair of Bultaco forks, Betor I think. (correct me if I'm wrong) Now looking on various club website that run Pre 65 trials i.e. Poachers Pre 65, Yorkshire classic, Red Rose etc. They all say a similar thing in that the fork is to appear original externally but can have modern parts internally. They all state that Ceriani, R.E.H. and M.P, what ever they are, can not be used. I know I would be within the rules using the old Triumph ones but what about the Bultaco ones? What forks do the top Pre 65 lads use? Which forks do you recomend. And who does the altering of forks to accept the modern internals? Thanks in advance for your help and advise.
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