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    Nice condition TL250, one side panel is pretty cracked, but exhaust is complete and original, has enduro tires on it for better grip in mud but is a really original bike. Located in Columbus, Ohio. Can ship in a crate worldwide but shipping costs are for the buyer.

    2,500.00 GBP

  2. The gearing was changed, the transmission had work done, I believe there was some work done to the cylinder head to enhance air flow, not quite sure of all of the work done but I can get more details. All I know is that the bike has a lot of pull for a 200cc fourstroke... Jan
  3. Hmm nice. But it doesn't have the lighting kit so not for me.. I'll just stick to mine. .
  4. Could be a problem if that was the only one... Hopefully the one with the 'O' ring where the oil goes up is still in place? Once the bolts are tight and the gasket is tight things shouldn't move anymore. I'd leave it until the next tear-down. Jan
  5. I have an RTL kickstarter, triple clamp and a stand also. I guess to get an idea of value they would have to go on ebay?
  6. Already posted this in another thread but realized it was somewhat off-topic. I have a TLR200 with mods done by Bob Gollner I purchased from Tim Beaven a few years back. Having read about some stolen bikes I want to add this bike to my insurance policy, but need to have an agreed value if I don't want them to pay $100 for a 20-odd year old dirtbike... I enclose a couple of pics of the bike, any idea of current market value or insurance value would be appreciated. Thanks, Jan
  7. It took a year because I spent all kinds of time looking for parts... NOS fenders, NOS exhaust, NOS side covers. It's easier to find Rocking-horse $hit... Enjoy the bike they're great riding bikes.
  8. I spent about a year on getting mine to this point: Not an easy restore, parts are indeed tough to find.
  9. I have an affliction for old Honda trials bikes. In the stable is a TLR250R, a TLR200 reflex, a 1975 and a 1976 TL250, a 1988 and a 1989 RTL250s. And then some CBX's and CB1100R's...

  10. ringnalda

    My Honda Rtl

    Nice bike. Good handywork on that muffler. Jan
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