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    07 gas gas 280cc
  1. jonnyc

    Wont Start

    same happened to my old bike it turned out to be the wireing!!!!
  2. jonnyc

    Gas Gas?

    thanks everyone!! i never had no problems with mine i like the gas gas i think they are great to ride!!!!
  3. jonnyc

    Gas Gas?

    hey! i have a 07 txt gas gas 280cc bike and i heard people saying gas gas are bad bikes engine wise is this true???
  4. jonnyc

    Front Brake Disc

    should my front disc brake disc be a wee bit lose should it be?? i tryed tighting it but the screws are tight as they will go..!!!
  5. go 125 if he is 8 years old and go for gas gas great bike.!
  6. Ireland... so does anyone have ideas of a course i could make for my trials bike???
  7. does anyone no of some good practice courses i could make or set up for my gas gas 280cc?? pictures or videos would be a help??
  8. thank you. anyone eles got any more sites???
  9. does anyone no any sites that show some videos on trials tips that could help me out..??
  10. jonnyc

    04 Beta

    ryt thanks hey!!
  11. jonnyc

    04 Beta

    wats the 04 beta like? is it a good bike???
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