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  1. Ok, thanks, I'll try and contact a montesa importer and see what records they have.
  2. Ok, thank you, I'll take a closer look to where you've said.
  3. Ok, thank you, I'm expecting it to be around '78/'79 so what you've said helps to substantiate that. I'll watch that kick start now you've mentioned it, it's not something I was aware of. You're right about it's power, my previous bike was a GG TXT280 I wasn't expecting too much from a 40 year old Montesa, I was wrong ! Cheers, Tim.
  4. Yes, I'm in the UK. Ok, thanks, I shan't stress too much over the engine number. The frame number is proving to be a bit of a weird one though.
  5. Thanks, lovely bike ( and truck )
  6. Hi, I’m going to try and get my Cota 348 road registered. Looks like it’s going to be a right pain, but I’m going to give it a go. I can’t find an engine number but the frame number is 17M7**7 according to a website I’ve looked at, the number should begin 51M http://www.lamaneta.org/numerochasis/montesa.html Any thoughts ? Cheers, Tim
  7. Yes, well spotted Neale, I did mean 160 & 180mm. Thanks Laser1, as far as I'm concerned mine are Steel, how do you check for sure ? magnet ?
  8. Does anyone know what the air gap should be on a 2008 280cc TXT. I've managed to download the manual and on page 11 it says 180mm and on the diagram on page 30 it says 180mm. Does anyone know which is correct.
  9. Thanks for your advice, I'll take it apart and inspect it, looks like a kit will be the best option.
  10. Mine's failed on my 2008 280 pro. Has anyone identified the seal and managed to buy it from a seal / bearing outlet at the fraction of the Gas Gas price ? if not and I have to buy from Gas Gas, is it worth buying the whole kit or just trying the seal first ? When it's all done and I put the new oil in, I suspect it will get itself contaminated from the lot I have drained out ( there's bound to be some left ) is there a product I should use to flush it out, I've heard people mention diesel, but I'm concerned that may attack the seals.
  11. MontyTim348

    No Spark

    I have a 2004 270cc Rev 3 which has been playing up for the last few weeks it used to misfire, backfire and then stop if you changed the plug it would fire up again. Today it did the same but it wouldn't re-start and now it has no spark. A few weeks ago I spoke to Lampkins who thought that something electrical was starting to break down. Has anyone any idea how i trace back the problem to see which item is at fault. I've checked a few obvious bits to day like earth to the coil. Does this model have a stator plate problem ?
  12. Thanks for the advice, hopefully this will sort it and save me spending a load of money.
  13. I have an 04 Beta Rev 3 270 that has developed a problem, it runs and rides fine then for no apparent reason it mis-fires, backfires and then stops. It then won't re-start unless you swap the plug for another ( old one or new, makes no odds ) and then it starts first kick and then off you go again usually for a couple of hours or more, in fact it hasn't happened twice in the same day and doesn't happen every outing but it is becomming more frequent. Today it did it when the bike was only just warm, but a cold plug cures it. Anyone any ideas ? could this be the start of a stator plate problem ?
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