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  1. Cheers that clears it up its never been road registered as far as i know i presume they didn't come road registered
  2. Sorry to Hijack the thread but i'm Currently rebuilding a MH349 obviously its had a few owners but the engine numbers there as are the frame plate etc. Would it originally had any sort of logbook when new? I know when mates have been stopped on field bikes they have to prove ownership?
  3. Did you replace it or continue to run it?
  4. Cheers for the reply's I have not ridden the bike just listened to it running reving etc, Previous owner said he ran it for a while until he realized there was a problem. There is no other damage in there so i will give it a go
  5. There is no hole there there now, The end of crank is missing but its not been cut looks like it has snapped off with the balance weight, Different pic not sure if its any better,
  6. Just removed crankcase of MH349 to see damage of crank, The end of crank has been all chewed up (See pics) Now the bike is just a field bike at moment and it ran o.k but what will happen if i continue to run the bike like this? I know i shouldnt but at the moment i can't track a crank down and its a budget bike for messing around on whilst i get more time/money to sort it out properly or upgrade to another bike Cheers
  7. Just to add i am still looking for a 349 Crank (sorry to hijack slightly), Sandifords only have one crankhalf left in stock!!! Although if you look at there E-Bay page they do have bearing, gaskets, cases listed for the 349. I paid
  8. Cheers yes im in UK (Wakefield) so i will try Wakefield offroad first nether thought of them as i thought they only did new stuff
  9. Anyone know where i can get a Montesa 349 Crank? Any pionters on where to start and what sort of price they may be? Cheers
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