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  1. Have just changed the gearbox oil (Belray) in my 2009 Evo 250 2T and still my gear box is very notchy. Anybody else experianced this or anybody any advice please? Hope this isnt bad news!!! Thanks in advance for any help/advice..
  2. I has recieved today paperwork from Beta UK which I believe is the certificate of newness (I think)? I now need to get the necessary V5 registration paperwork now for proof of ownership and insurance purposess but are not sure of the next step. Can any of you helpful TC people advise me of the procedure here? Thanks
  3. Just tried my mates workng bulb and still No Lighty?? Any other suggestions?
  4. I just purchased a new light for my Evo and It doesnt work? I connected the only connector that would fit to it and tried cleaning the switch which was a bit dodgy but still doesnt work. Anybody any ideas?? Ta
  5. Thats great peops, just the detail I was looking for!! Surley its not going to hurt to undertake this mod, just to be sure? Many Thanks
  6. Chewy:- I linked the same guide in my post. I was hopefully looking for a little bit more detail. Timp:- Think its when im washing it. I have covered to vents to the rear of the rear mudguard but it still gets in somehow? Think I may still have to cosider the valve mod but need to know a bit more detail prior to attempting it. As to take mudguard off and do the stick/sponge thing all the time would work but be a bit of a pain. Cheers
  7. Hi There I am having trouble with water getting in my Evo airbox are not able to drian or get it out properly. I read in another post on TC there is a mod which involves insalling a valve on the botton that will allow the water to drain out. It does briefly dercribe the mod on page 4 here http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/index....mp;id=6943...it Can anyone shed anymore detail on this altertation as I dont want to butcher the airbox? eg type of valve to use, size of hole to drill etc etc Again your help as always is apprecited.
  8. Want to continue to run my newly purchased Evo 250 on Ipone Samuari oi,l but are struggling to find any suppliers in South Wales. Can anybody advise me of the all the suppliers in Wales. This stuff seems to be hard to get hold of in this area and if this is definatley the caes I may have to revert to Castrol TTS. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi Have recently purchased a 09 250 Evo which has been run on Ipone samuari strawberry oil. Personally I had never heard of such oil and used castrol TTS in previous bikes. 1. What is your personal experiances of this Iphone oil? 2. Should I stick with using the same oil? 3. would it matter changing to TTS now? Thanks in advance
  10. tiptop

    Beta Evo 250

    Jezza A wise response thanks.. I guess I better look at getting the rear wheel hub renewed ASAP, bugger Would anybody have an idea of cost or the best place to look for a second hand one if they are silly money?
  11. Tilertrailer Do you want to sell the Evo light that your taking off?
  12. tiptop

    Beta Evo 250

    Hi there Just purchased a lovely 09 Evo 250 and have just noticed a nasty chunk missing out of the edge ofthe rear wheel hub. The bit missing is approx the size of a thumb nail and exposes some (but not all) of the right hand side wheel bearing. Is this something I should be concerned about or shall I just closley monitor the situation? Any help/advice offered here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Ive recently purchased the same bike and have a similar problem! I would also like to know how the mesh grills on the rear mud guard is supposed to be hled on. As mine has been crudley siliconed on? There is also duct tape over the vents on the underside, I assume this is to prevnt water ingress to air box? Any help offered would also be greatly appreciated to me. Pipster. hope you dont mind me hijacking your thread, sorry!! Thanks
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