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  1. Thanks Artie for the reply.I'm just thinking ahead the bikes being shipped to me,and was trying to eliminate the hassles of 2stroke tuning by seeing if any other 315 owners run theirs in approx similar elevations to mine, and key in on what their running main,pilot,needle,clip air screw etc settings.I'm spoiled with my EFI on the 4RT.Hope your right simple enough.
  2. Hey anyone of you 315r owners out there have any jetting tips for my soon to be mine 2004 315r? My normal riding is about 2,000'-4000' ft above sea level.Any tips would be great.i believe it has stock jetting which is for around sea level,but could be wrong?Thanks in advance.
  3. Man that sounds pretty rough, from a fellow ventura co. resident I wish him a speedy recovery as soon as possible.It always sucks to hear of a fellow rider getting hurt,my best, heal up!doug
  4. Lucky you did'nt run into the gasket issue I had,but the battle was eventually won,besides that I agree piece of cake after youve done it once.
  5. Man wish I would of known that when I got into it,I'm gonna look into that!Also the timing inspection hole would be a good idea as well to add the oil,Thanks again!
  6. Well the oil change was smooth except for the old gasket that was stuck like a mother f^&%$# which took my oil change into 2hr plus ordeal,but after careful blade work it was off,however a battle in a half.The use of the zip ty was really handy to hang the case temporarily from the frame while working on filter etc which eliminates the disconnect of stator wires which is cool.Another thing I shoulda done was lightly grease the new gasket both sides so the bugger wont get so stuck next time around,next time!Also a real skinny funnel comes in handy for putting new oil in the case as the oil dipstick/filler hole is dang small?Well it's behind me now and like I said before my KTMs oil change's are a piece of cake now compared to the Monty.Thanks again for your tips guys appreciate it
  7. hidezertdoug

    Fuel ?

    I don't know about the UK racing fuels,but here in the states I used it on my KTMs and stopped using it because you really need to drain the carb after use ,especially when it's gonna sit for a week or two as that stuff turns to nasty stuff when sitting in their and ends up clogging jets etc,would'nt want to take that chance with EFI on my Monty.Food for thought I guess?
  8. Yep that was the ticket,however a bit of a battle,but I think I won the war.With that being said geez Could'nt honda put the frigging filter in a more accessable place for crying out loud.Also the oil cap hole could they make that any smaller.Well my KTMs oil changes are looking like nuthing now!Anyone else have the problem of the old gasket being a pain in the %$# to remove?Almost enough to make me start drinking,but I'm on antibiotics after ear surgery so I'll take a raincheck on that for next week!
  9. Well everything was going fine until I started to remove existing gasket the bloody thing seems like it was glued or just the heat welded it on! Any suggeestions on how get rid of the old gasket without damaging edge of cases cleanly,man what a pissoff this could take some time.I'm about 1/2 way off,but the remaining half is a #$%&^ to get off, and how clean do you actually need it to be to recieve new gasket.Just looking for an easy removal without damage to the edge of the case,Man I wish I had longer fingernails.Thanks
  10. Thanks for the info addict,I'm gonna attack this shortly!
  11. Thought I'd register here on the trials form as I'm a montesa 4rt owner and am having a blast on it.I'm 48 from calif usa.Ive been riding offroad since 74 used to race desert in calif in the 80s now Im into dualsport trail riding and my new fun thing to do is trials.I'm not into the competitive side yey,just like playing around my desert property and going on technical trailrides 20 -30 mi around my area,Mojave desert that is.My current bikes are KTM 06 640 adv 08 KTM 450EXCR 06 montesa 4rt.I find it amazing after riding for so many years that in trials there is sooo much to learn,this I find intriguing and a new challenge.So hello all happy holidays from hidezertdoug
  12. Thanks guys for the tips,like I said I'm sure it's a easy change out,but just wanted to hear from the guys that have the 4rt as access to the oil filter is a bit unusual compared to most bikes My checklist that Ive learned today 1.replace existing gasket with new one. 2.Be careful upon replacement of filter that it seats squarely and is properly installed to match existing filter. 3.Flywheel can be a pain in the a#@ when extracting existing oil filter to pass bye it. 4. grease spring on the filter to hold in place. questions 1.does new case gasket need sealant or dry? 2.is dissconnect neccessary of alt and ignition wires? 3. specs torque of case bolts? 4. man all this to change the bloody filter,geez Any other tips?
  13. Well It's time for my first oil/filter change on my 06 monty4rt and I was looking for some tips on the filter change with the gasket and all,as I'm used to my Ktms and it's a little different ballgame.I'm sure it's a piece of cake,however any tips suggestions before I get into it would be great,as I don't want to jack up that case gasket or anything else.Thanks in advance HDD
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