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  1. I am inclined to agree with kramit, there are a few things that need to be changed and people too. The problem with the NATC is that they are opposed to to any change other than ones that benefit the members of the board. Trials is a sport with great potential as long as the right people are given the ability to put in some work and given some flexibility. Some of the members of NATC abuse the power they are given.
  2. hahahaha the ones Caby, Fuji and Bou ride are miles ahead of what was available to cody on sherco. Just ask Cody and find out the answer for yourself ( I haven' asked i"m just speculating)
  3. Cody is just as good as patrick in the trials but in my opinion i think it looks like cody trains more practically, not wasting time on the flashy show riding, while patrick just goes and does whatever seems fun at that point in time. cody also looks a loth healthier this season than any in recent memory. I think cody might have pushed himself harder if he had been on a two stroke in the previous seasons because that four stroke just didn't seem like a winning design to me, I think he has always been as good as pat it was just about the machine he had been given to prove it not being capable to do the job.
  4. this is by far one of the best seasons of national trials championship ! cody and pat are so close now in skill level which makes this season fun to watch because its all about who makes the first mistake ! its a battle of the brands gas gas verse sherco
  5. From the stories going thru the pits at oklahoma it sounds as if pat will not be returning to the world trial championship.
  6. at this point in time im inclined to agree with nigel "that only time will tell" but it looks very promising for pat !
  7. congratulations to Pat And Ryan you guys were amazing ! hope you guys go to japan ! nows the time to remeber pats world trials fund ! heed the call and support your fellow american !
  8. i think pat has silenced alot of the doubters but there are still a few i think who believe he got lucky, but i for one think put just proved how much skill he has by keeping his head together and not only cleaning one complete day but two days of all cleans. and to adress one of the older post about pats back in 2008 he did have a broken back from bicycle trials i believe. his back was causing him pain i remeber because we were at ttc trainig and he was having to ice it alot and take breaks. will pat be going to japan ?
  9. well neither of us drink coffee or tea so we didnt have a hard decision there !
  10. When eric and i were in europe we found what nigel dabster said to be very true about how the british lads have to go against the same stuff as the american kids in italy it was proven for a fact when alexz wigg should have won but the home town hero matteo grattarolla got some leanient calls from the observers. If pat wants to do anything he pretty much can he is very focused and dedicated to his profession. But I cannot say enough about how lucky we were to meet up and befriend some of the brits like: jonathan richardson and his dad, alexz wigg and his father Julien, the lampkins, and both andys and it was an awesome pleasure to meet andy ! all the brits treated us with so much respect and kindness, we both face the same barriers against foreign language and foreign observers who are going for the home team !
  11. Plonker truly are a breed apart ! no one rides harder and parties harder ! but their trials our what truly set them apart
  12. cody looked so good on that gas gas ! he came down and rode with eric and he just hit some really technical rear wheel lines and big walls i dont think he could have tackled on the sherco four stroke ! but that 2010 gas gas is one hell of a machine
  13. Yes eric will defintiely still be wearing his full face next year ! he is recovering from a broken hand but will probably be back on the bike this week ! probably no world rounds till next year tho !
  14. Yup hes in love with his new Gas Gas ! but her broke his hand two weeks ago riding with cody webb
  15. the reason eric orignally switched to a full face is because he drove his jaw bone thru the front of his face while also riding bicycle trials this time. but he switched a really good adjustable face gaurd full face i believe the model is the arai vxr they have dicontinued this line of helmets but the are the helmet of choice for eric storz and andrew oldar and thats enough to convince me
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