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  1. ringo

    Tennis E

    Airline ticket, check Hawaiian shirt, check 10 year old press bib...... Hey Ahlers, I'm going to need my press bib back... Of course I don't really need it as I'm actually a legitimate journalist now [don't spill your coffee on your laptop laughing Ishy] but it just wouldn't be a World Round without it.
  2. I love Kramit's knack with saying something that draws out the kind of rant above. Kramit's statement: ..."the NATC in their infinite wisdom has created a class that allows riders with little or no Trials Experience to compete (coupe of magazine writers at Donner 2 years ago)"... is 100% factual and stated without offering an opinion pro or con. The two riders who entered were exactly as stated, “Little or no experience”. Chris Denison, professional freestyler [retired] and current editor for Dirt Rider Magazine had competed in only ONE trials competition prior to this National and Kris Keefer, professional motocross racer and Dirt Rider test rider had never been on a trials bike before. Neither one owns a trials bike. For those who missed that story, these guys [along with some knucklehead in a Hawaiian shirt] rode Adventure bikes from Los Angeles to Donner [500 miles] on Friday, competed both days then we rode home right after the trial on Sunday. Kramit knows this because he rode up there with us! How ya like Kramit now?
  3. Here are some reviews on the Star Tron additive. I think I'll give it a try. http://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/pwr/product-reviews/Engine-Room/Fuel-Additives/Star-Brite/p/6174-StarTron-Gasoline-Engine-Fuel-Treatment.html
  4. Now that's funny how true that is and exactly why I created this adventure. I'm writing the story now for Endurocross.com but I'll tell you this much, I fully intended on obliterating myself on the ride to Vegas so I wouldn't have a chance to win. Bob Madden has always been the fastest guy in TFM and you have no choice but to ride at mach speed when you ride with him. My sole intent was to simply make it out on the track in order to get to the spot where I would get off the bike and propose. As it turned out, I made it to Vegas in time to get out on the track to learn some tips from Taddy Friday night and practice a few laps and sections. Keep in mind one lap on that freaking coarse is brutal. To add to the drama, [keep in mind that I haven't had an ounce of liquour for over a year] I went out and celebrated 'the ride' with Bob and Jen on Friday night with three long island ice teas. Yes, that's what a professional does before each race. By the time saturday came around and I had completed my two pracice sessions, I was done but I had my qualifier to 'do the deal'. The gate droped, I got the matrix section and went over the bars on the last log, taking out my knee. I jumped up, continued on to the designated spot and you heard the rest of the story. At that point I got what I came for and that was the look on her face up in the stands. goto youtube and search for 'epic endurocross wedding proposal'. So yes, this race was all for Jen, not me.
  5. Funny, we still haven't heard from Craig! What's up cityboy? Still chewing on those cookies you tossed last time you chanllenged me at EX?? You have the edge here as I see you've been racing your ass off and look to be in shape. I'm old, tired and out of shape so you should be able to readily spank me considering I'm obliterating myself the day before.
  6. Bob 'Maxiumum' Madden [Plonkers VP] is my wingman for the Adventure Ride out. Charlie will be on his annual 6x6 Expedition trip through the Mojave preserve. He's slated to be at Kokoweef on Sunday so Bob, Jen and I will be joining him to continue this incredible adveture after EX. The real "man" question will be whether or not we decide to race the KTMs back home from there. Fraceman, I'm waiting for the extra battery for the GoPro!!!
  7. Now that's some funny stuff right there! Not sure which is heavier, my old Harley or that KLX of yours.
  8. Montesa 4RT clutch fix: Honda part number for CR 125 clutch friction disks: 22201-KS6-700 Honda part number for CR 125 clutch plate: 22321-KA3-710 BTW, here's the rear fender flange bolt part number: 90106-KY2-701 [$2.56 each]
  9. Try this: 43 year old nutcase rides a 300lb dual sport bike from Rancho Cucamonga to Las Vegas via Death Valley on Friday then enters the same bike in EX on Saturday. The LA-Barstow-Vegas route is typically 450 miles so I'm going to have to chisel it down quite a bit to make it in one day. Do I hear a bet brewing from cityboy craig????
  10. I haven't met them personally yet but they are putting on a trial for Southern CA this August.
  11. ringo

    Monty Transport

    If anyone is driving through Durant Oklahoma on their way to So CA anytime soon and would like some fuel money for picking up a Montesa and delivering it, email me at ringomoto@yahoo.com I'd rather pay a fellow trials rider then an unknow shipping company.
  12. Yes Craig, We have our own AMA charter. Now the question is, What's it going to take to get the Hollywood stars out to compete???? Now let's talk about Eddie...
  13. We're proud to announce that Malcolm Smith Motorsports and Dirt Rider Magazine have stepped up to the plate and are sponsoring The Plonkers of Southern California Championship Series for 2011/2012. Are there any Moore sponsors out there who'd like to throw their hat in the mix?? Ok, I have to go to X-Games now.
  14. After a couple of years of strategy meetings, financial restructuring and corporate resolutions, I
  15. ringo

    Plonkers at TDN

    Doc talking to Kate in Tombstone about Johnny Ringo. "I don't know if I I like him or hate him. Yep, I hate him! He reminds me of ME!" My sentiments exactly when I think of Nigel! Good to be back you sour old Brit!
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