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  1. What is the best replacement for the stock Amal 625 for a Cota 123?
  2. I noticed on the Simpson website that they've got a similar helmet as the Pit Warrior. It's called the Sand Warrior and is flat black and $36 cheaper. http://simpsonraceproducts.com/products/in...10349&sort=
  3. After hearing about Eric Storz's accident I've been rethinking my opinion of a full face helmet for trials. I'm mostly concerned about my young nephew who is just starting out in the sport. I saw Eric and some other young riders wearing full face helmets in competition this year but I never thought to find out what kind they were. Does anyone know or have any opinion on this subject?
  4. I thought the event went pretty well. There were 64 riders that started the event, 21 DNF. I've got a pretty unique perspective in that our same team who set up the VMD trials also set up the AHRMA trials at Windham, Ohio the week before. I'd really like to hear some comments from the riders about either event, all political opinions aside. Dean Siegman
  5. I hope this doesn't sound like a cop out but we really didn't have any input as to the Vintage Grand National Champion. It's something AMA created for this event (VMD) only. If you look at the rules for other disciplines, such as hare scrambles and motocross, you'll see that even though post-1974 bikes are eligible to ride the event they are not eligible for Grand National Champion points. So trials isn't alone in restricting some bikes from that championship.
  6. Alan The Novice class was created for first time or inexperienced riders and allows them to ride the easiest line (D) on any bike that fits into any of the defined classifications. We felt this was easier than creating a novice class for each of the six classifications. This means that someone with, lets say, a 74 Yamaha TY250 who may not be comfortable riding the B line would have the option of riding in the Novice class and the D line. The Novice class is not eligible for Vintage Grand National Champion points. And Zippy: Yes, you will be able to ride your Reflex at VMD but that classification also is not eligible for Vintage Grand National Champion points.
  7. The schedule and rules for the Vintage Motorcycle Days trials have been posted on the AMA website. Schedule and entry forms: http://www.amadirectlink.com/news/story.asp?id=834 Rules and classifications: http://www.amadirectlink.com/amrace/forms/...ental_rules.pdf
  8. I started a new thread in the USA Trials Reviews & Previews forum for information and discussions regarding the Vintage Motorcycle Days trials at Mid-Ohio. I will be posting all further developments and details in that forum. Thanks Dean Siegman
  9. I'm starting this thread for information regarding the vintage trials to be held in conjunction with Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid-Ohio July 24-26. The trials are scheduled for Sunday, July 26. As information and details become available I will be posting them here. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please post them here or email me direct at dean.siegman@gmail.com. Please put VMD Trials in your subject line if you're emailing me. We're working to make this a fun, challenging, and competitive trials and hope to see many of you at this great venue. Dean Siegman
  10. Alan: Hopefully the rules and classifications will be on the AMA website next week. They were finalizing them this weekend. I'll put a notice on the forum here as soon as they are available. Dean
  11. A group of us from the Northern Ohio area of Trials Inc. have volunteered to put on the trials at Vintage Motorcycle Days and the AMA has accepted our offer. As we formulate our plans for this event I will try to keep the Trials Central community informed via this forum. Dean Siegman
  12. deano


    Scott: Just wanted to let you know that you did a great job as "unofficial trialsmaster" at Mid-Ohio this past weekend. It's too bad that AHRMA doesn't realize or recognize the work that went into putting this trials on in such a short amount of time and under adverse conditions. I personally enjoyed working with you and think we did a credible job considering the circumstances. Sorry I didn't get to see you after the trials were done. It was a long walk back from section 5. Just ask Randy. Cheers Dean
  13. deano

    Brake Glazing

    I've got a 97 315R and every time I take a wheel off, front or rear, the brakes tend to feel like they are glazed with very little grip for a while. After riding for a bit they start to come back. I've replaced pads, scuffed pads, sprayed with brake cleaner, but nothing seems to have much effect. Anyone have any similar problem?
  14. deano

    Hard Start When Hot

    I cleaned the carb and blew out all the jets. It all looked pretty good. No obvious restrictions. Put it back together and it started right up. Ran it for 15 minutes, adjusted the carb, then shut it off for 10 minutes. Wouldn't start without a choke. It's still pulsing (better word than oscillating) too. Any other ideas?
  15. I have a '97 315R which runs pretty good, but needs a little help. When cold it will start on the third kick most every time. When hot, and it sits for 5-10 minutes (like when you're waiting for your turn at a section) it won't start without using the choke. The spark plug indicates that it's running pretty lean (whitish, light brown color). Another thing, maybe related, when I'm riding it with no load, level ground at steady speed, the engine, as best as I can describe it, oscillates. It sounds like "whump, whump, whump". Any problems there? I figured I'd ask you guys before I try to fix this on my own.
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