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  1. dyk316

    Routes Announced

    Hi does anyone have the route maps of each days 2014 ssdt routes? Thanks
  2. No, pliers to remove the special clips that hold radiator hoses in place?
  3. Can you get special pliers to remove the jubilee like clips holding pipes on?
  4. Yeh tubular frame! Had another go today, no chance of twisting it enough to get out, looks like hoses will need to come off to make room!can not understand why they have put it there
  5. That's what I thought but there is no room,rad/fan hit of cylinder head,It seems a lot of work just to fit a new one as they are pretty common for falling,has all reasonably new gasser's got thermostat inserted in rad's nowadays,
  6. Yes ,it looks like I need to remove radiator to get old one out? Which would mean removing all the hoses?or that's what I'm guessing
  7. Hi All I have a 2008 raga bike, what is the best way to remove and re fit a new thermostat? Thanks
  8. excellent bikes had no prob's with them over last 7 years! highly recomend 1 ,there same as any other bike need looked after to keep them reliable!!.dont listen to these people dont no what there talking about!! just get 1
  9. dyk316

    Raga Edition

    how many raga's is imported in the uk each year?
  10. been looking on internert, 03 takes 350 cc,then 04 onwards take 550cc of oil is this right?
  11. hi all, how much gear oil does my mates 03 gasgas 280 pro bike need? what type of oil also? cheers
  12. dyk316

    No Bikes For Sale?

    who is john lee?have you phone number or email address? cheers
  13. hi all, been looking for 2nd hand 09 gas gas 290/300 pros for sale..phon'd all the bike garages in the t+mx not one for sale? does any one no of any for sale? guy in bvm saying no one buying new bikes,you would think if no one buying new bikes they would lower the price a bit to push them on seen new 0 10 not that far away!!
  14. dyk316

    09 Pro 300cc

    hi there,what differnce did the fly wheel make?
  15. think it must be seal! do you no the link for the video of the gas gas man replacing it? forgot where i seen it! cheers
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