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  1. Bikes past and present
  2. My 300 came with a Dellorto as the factory had ran out of Keihins, Keihins was sent a few weeks later and what a difference it made.
  3. Great video, I want to come and practice with you lot...!!!!!!! ?
  4. It's winter...!!!!!!!! Everywhere looks worn out. Great video
  5. Newbie from cobham kent, Is there anywhere i can practice in the gravesend, Cobham, Area. I have a gas gas 280 txt, currently practice on farmland which is not challenging anymore as quite flat. The farmer lets me use his land, But to stop offroad jeeps ripping up his fields hes put metal spikes in the banks and lots of scaffold boards with six inch nails around, So not to safe. The bike is road registered and i do greenlane, But around cobham more greenlanes are getting closed. Can anyone help? Paul
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